Wednesday, April 13, 2005


i took the dog on the mile-Columbus ave walk and on the way up my favorite street i saw a young woman with big dirty-blond hair pull up in her '80s type big sedan and glance at me and Pickles then go across the street to one of the well-kept homes and proceed to look around in the screened-in porch and other places around but not inside the house almost as if someone said, "i'll leave it in the bush over by the garden spigot." thing is, she wasn't finding whatever she was seeking and as much as i wanted to stare at her not only was i feeling conspicuous but she went around the corner to the back.
as the dog and i continued on she drove by in her grand am and vermont license plate. i paid attention to her so much i guess because she was the kind of girl i would like to set my boyfriend up with-odd as that may seem i could see her giving him a hard time and him going along with it.
she wasn't skinny and that hair...and her tough girl attitude. he loves her.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Today is Friday April whatevah

and i just wanted to add a comment onto School For The Dead's The Livingrockumentary site and all of a sudden i have a blog. how sudden. I am going to have to ponder this.
I already post journally in and so i wonder what's up with this site---i guess it could be all about my zine and how i struggle with it. Instead of working on the zine i could input here. how deliciously procrastinational.