Saturday, August 27, 2011

hurricane irene

I've been waiting for Husbear to post a blog but he hasn't in a week so I guess I will do.

There is a hurricane on its way. We are not on the coast but there will be a big wind/rain situation around the gfield area. People are nuts about the storm and we did do a little shopping for it and some preparations:

I brought in the this, brought in the thats, worried the wind and water will ruin my lovely flower garden. I hope its just a lot of rain and plants will stay put.
I should probably pick all the tomatoes off the vines.
It's really humid. We just walked the dogs and we were all sweating and panting by the end.

I would like to start on my next zine but not sure I can settle down.
I keep remembering hurricane bob when I was living in a small house in the middle of edgartown, ma. It was a rental with a tiny yard which we never used so we didn't need to really batten down anything. We just eventually feel asleep and woke up to a load of debris strewn about the town/island.

more news later