Monday, September 28, 2009

Vixen says hi

monday morning

my three weekends in a row with Kid are now over.
time to put nose to grindstone.
Birthday month is coming to a close.

enjoying the Krakauer book on mormonism. that religion isn't much for women power, is it?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

on vacation

i rented a biggish house on the cape for me, the husband and the dogs and whomever else wants to come hang out-there are 5 bedrooms and more couches as well.
sal came for the first day and 1/2 and it was great. He and I shopped for him at Macys and the Gap and Staples. Perfect birthday for me. Yesterday I found a pair of his socks from way back that he left here at the rental. they have large holes in each of them, above the red tipping where the ankle should sit. i called him to ask if i should bring them to him on friday, when i go to the island to check out his bands' cd release show.

yeah, if its not any trouble. he answered. "really?" i asked, explaining about the two holes and reminding him that i can buy him more pairs, if he wanted. "i want to use them to make a hat for Mr. Pat." i told him. "that's cool," he said, "I'm in sock heaven right now."

Sock Heaven.