Sunday, June 29, 2008

she says: the ceremony

During the time we spent with Irving, he spoke many times about his wife, his beloved (deceased) wife who "built him this lighthouse" to show her love.
The lighthouse is nice but it isn't a lighthouse, it is a quaint and lovely building created for this kindly kook. It was a special place for our union. I was in a pretty good mood but realized that I shouldn't giggle and laugh when he started talking about how we shouldn't be entering into this lightly. I felt like a kid in church trying to be serious.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

glad to be home..

"hot as fuck,"

name the movie that quote is from.
of course, Nashville.
Getting sick of Peretz jumping on my bed to sniff at Harriet.
Wish Pickles was there, I miss him.
Enjoying this extra ring on my hand.
silver is nice.
need to moisten, repeat.
There's mail to be opened.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Tonight I have tickets to this "opera":
looking forward to it.

I used to really like vitamin water for the vitamins but I would always hate it for the sugar. Well, I think I have found a replacement "vitamin energy drink" that has low sugar, 30 calories, 100% of 6 vitamins. yippee.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

yay! Rainier cherries!

I just went into the big y real quick for onions and half + half and wow! rainier cherries. I bought a bunch and tried one-eh. I reserve judgement for later when they are rinsed and out of the produce bag. but, yay, season of my favorite cherries is here. whoop whoop.

Monday, June 16, 2008

monday the 16th

I'm kind of nervous about my party tonight. I realize I haven't had a party since August 28, 2002-my housewarming party. Actually, I did have "people over" when Gordon came to visit so I guess that counts.

I'm keeping the expectations low. I appreciate my good friends Karen and David coming with me yesterday to pick up flowers for the centerpieces.

Working now and trying to keep a low profile. There is filing to be done.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


My good friend David has moved into my house officially, as of June 1st and he has brought a lot of stuff. Some stuff I don't even know about yet-but the stuff I am more quickly becoming acquainted with is his melange of cookery equip. I've never seen the like. There are tools I look at and usually upon examination, I can fathom what they are used for but there are items which I take to him and I have to ask, "for what?" I realize that I am a novice about many things food and cooking.

My mom, bless her heart, is an okay cook and she managed to feed our family adequately while we were brought up. I quickly realized that I loved cookies and I loved to bake and that is what I did in the kitchen but there was never a time where she brought me in the kitchen and said "I'm going to teach you to make a roast, (or turkey, or sauce, or steak, cornbeef or pizza)." I think it might have been because she lacked confidence. She did what she could, she never seemed creative or interested too much in the wonders of the kitchen. She probably just wanted to "get 'er done" and wasn't inspired to do more that the basics. That's okay, but resulted in me growing up with a very limited food prep palette or food taste palate.

The first time I ever had chinese food was when I was in college. I grew so sick of pizza that by the time I began college I really never was interested in eating it ever again. I hadn't had any cream sauces besides potato au gratin which I have hated to this day. Stir fry was an amazing new idea and a wok was a strange device. My boyfriend after college cooked like a chef and even though I never really took an interest in learning any skills, just being in the kitchen with him rubbed off on me. I was taught that tacos didn't only come in a brittle shell which was sold neatly spooned together and I also learned that mexican food actually included things other than tacos. I gathered that one makes tomato sauces without it coming in a jar ready to be dumped into a pan to be heated. And! fish doesn't necessarily have to be coated and fried! wow.

After that boyfriend and I parted I spent some time by myself eating out too much and slowly trying to cook a little bit. Somethings did not turn out too well but I could manage to shape a flour tortilla in hot oil and I did remember to put the cumin in with the refried beans. My next boyfriend had the novel experience of me cooking for him on our first date. He broke his longtime diet with me late night fixing him some snacksters in one of those devices Carol J bought for all her friends. It set a precedent that we would both cook during the relationship but once during a fight I realized that if he didn't cook for me, it was a major deal breaker. This was somewhat of a self-revelation which intrigued me. Although I cooked some stuff here and there, I needed my partner to cook for me, I was dependent. He and I broke up, even though I made enchiladas for him on his birthday (and a cake!) and I was alone again, making my self tacos every couple of days. I started to buy chicken more often, and again, although I ate out more often than I could afford, I started to glean tips from foodie friends. I never watched cooking shows except for "top chef", but I guess I should have, to expand knowledge.

I met my good friend David at his house at a dinner party he was throwing. The food he had made for that party was okay, some things were more impressive than others but we've been somewhat unseparable since. I've done a little cooking and he's done a lot. He's mentioned food and cooking knowledge in conversation which I have no understanding of whatsoever. Just recently we have had hamburgers and I came out of the closet and asked him, "what is the difference between sirloin and chuck and why is one better for burgers than the other?"

Last night I turned to him around 7 pm and I was hungry. "What is for dinner?" I asked. I had heard him crunching chips and who knows what else in the kitchen while I sat in the living. We hadn't talked or made any plan about it yet that night which is somewhat odd because we both love food and I think he anticipates dinner with as much interest as I do. "I've been craving nachos.." He stated and I immediately thought of the nearest restaurants where we could get such a thing. The options were bleak. Then, I did something which the first boyfriend, Charlie, would have done: I began to catalogue the items in the house which would add up to adequate nachos: we had corn tortillas which I could cut up and fry, we had cans of refried, we had some cheese (not enough for the cheese lover in David, but it would suffice)...I wandered over to the fridge and started collecting the assorted peppers I had in there and although we have zero onions in the house I managed to put together the nachos in a somewhat timely fashion. He claims they tasted okay.

What do you use this thing for?


I guess my #1 choice of stripper for Monday is Cameron from RI and the costume I choose is "stranded motorist".