Tuesday, June 27, 2006

so it hurts a little less, i guess

sometimes when i fantasize about kissing mr. x1 1/2 who i have had an unholy crush on since September, 2001, the pain of separating from the boyfriend is dampened a slight bit. although i know mr. x1 is not interested in kissing me, this doesn't seem to matter that much. the unholy crush lives on.

Friday, June 23, 2006

make it stop

because it hurts all the time. all the time. i think, i should cheer up, but i can't because i want to cry and just stop hurting and breathing and feeling and this sounds so dramaqueen and all but it still hurts every fucking minute, it hurts.

Monday, June 12, 2006

List of Today

come on now.
Here is my list:
Real Annoying: when a woman at work who i generally dislike says to my boss, "can you john hancock it?" meaning, will he sign it, therefore turning the phrase, "can i get your john hancock?" inside out, making "john hancock" a verb, and completely making me want to throw up.
Kind of Annoying: in the midst of my Buffy the Vampire Slayer craze, the second dvd of the fourth season has been out for an entire week and i, loath to go out of order, am left hanging like an icicle!
Crushingly Sad: just before waking i had a real dreamy belief that Frank was laying in bed beside me and the last six months hadn't happened and i woke up believing i was not alone but i was.
Reassuringly Real: the dog was happy to wake me at 8:22 with a short bark and when i stumbled downstairs to let him out the back the air was fresh fresh fresh sunny late spring air and he bounded outside with all the boastful confidence a dog could have.
Inspiring: Friend Learns French With Ease.
Rewarding: Frontyard looks nice where i spent 40 minutes gardening yesterday.
Anachronistically Amusing: Good friend had left a message on my phone at work which i recieved when i got in this morning apologizing for her tough love realism regarding my overwhelming crush on guy A-1.