Tuesday, June 30, 2009

oh my

There was all this hail. I've seen hail before but not so much that I could go up and gather a bunch and take pictures. But today I could go in the backyards wearing my flipflaps and while they soaked up the new standing rain, I could goggle at the nuggets. What a strange weather event. I felt like I was in one of the Little House books. Later, I finished watching the first season of Veronica Mars and we walked dogs in the wet wet world. The rain had eased and lightning still flashed occasionally toward Poets Seat. Looking across the factory yard toward the train tracks there was more light to be seen. A carpet of fireflies had awoken and were flashing their little selves into a storm of their own.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

future plans

its nice to think of taking a vacation in September, nice to think of having a summer. sometimes i think of taking all my blogs and ditching them. when's the last time i even dialed up my livejournal? i remember once i was going to download it all to pieces of paper and then put them in a ring binder, etc etc. but i never did. what's the point? and i think, what's the point of doing a blog anyway? so many times i think of something i want to share but don't because it is too depressing.

i think i'll keep the blog up on the internet because i might fall down and break my neck tomorrow and maybe people will have that morbid curiosity about me, that lady they knew peripherally or however and want to take a peek at my personality as displayed by the blog writing. maybe i'll go back and read my blogs and try to imagine being a stranger who heard i was dead and saw the blog link in the obit and decided to spend some time reading it. what would they think? would they be bored? would they be curious? i'm curious. i wish i would spend more time drawing dogs, like i did today, even though P & P would not pose very well, goofballs. i decided to follow this lady who tweets for Ashmont records and on her background there is a drawing, a really nice comic drawing of the pitbull, Charlie, who is the mascot, i think. i'd like very much to draw such things. i think i've drawn something cool once.