Sunday, August 31, 2008

shucka-bow wow

nine and some odd hours, almost 500 miles and back to the Bricker.
Nice being welcomed to home by dogs. I worry about them worrying when we aren't home for a stretch. I like coming home, not only because the welcome is entirely heartfelt and warm but also I am relieved to be relieving them of any worries regarding our eventual return.
Maybe that only makes sense to me. Oh well. tired and wouldn't say no to a vodka tonic. Settling for a crappy sierra nevada-no offense to whomever bought those however long ago and left them in the back of the fridge for me to drink tonight. Thanks for that.
September tomorrow. Always my favorite.

Husband Rotates Laundry, story at eleven

This weekend's been wack. Friday night I started my new zine which I will distribute as a party favor at our "reception". I'm pretty happy about PAWL BITT. Anyway, while eating pizza and doing a photoshoot simultaneously I broke the camera-argh. I did get a couple nice shots beforehand. Here's one:

Anyway, the breaking of the camera set off a raggedy chain of events which caused me and the husband to get uglydolls at each other and that put a major damper on things. Pickles didn't like it, the hostility. He had to cancel his piano lesson.

Bird was upset, too. Bird put a bug in our ear and we made up Saturday and proceeded to enjoy a busy day-first we went to Comp USA or some other comparable business and DbR generously replaced the broken camera. We also enjoyed some lovely lunch at SITAR restaurant in Springfield. DbR and I were discussing "politics"-I had heard an interview with Gore Vidal on Air America the night before which galvanized me-He had referred to the republican party as a MOB and although it is an obvious comparison hearing such an astute historian say so on the radio was a great relief.-while waiting for our mango lasses and nan and I looked out the window onto Main Street Springfield and there was some sort of protest parade going by! It was only for fifteen minutes or so until all the stragglers following the people with signs, etc were passed but it was funny because DbR was just bemoaning the rights which have been taken away from us U.S. citizens for the sake of "national security" (which Obama hasn't promised to give us back, by the way) and how it was hard to protest these days and there comes this parade. It was kind of nice. Although he did mean, protest the president's speech or something of that ilk, that type of protest.

That was interesting though. We came back to the Bricker and I took some more photos and enjoyed hanging around the house and snacking here and there on this and that. I started working on the captions with my alphabet stamps while watching the idiot box. We finally settled down to the first installation of The Lord Of The Rings. That nutty Frodo! What's he up to next, I wonder? And where are my 'levensies?

Today is going to be a major driving drag because I am picking up the Kid in New Haven (after his whirlwind Sonic Youth experience) and driving him to Woods Hole, dropping him off and coming back home. All that driving for ...three hours' kid time. groan. Sure, I'll take it, but I wish that if I'm driving for seven-eight hours I should end up with Kid at the Bricker. For a couple weeks. ah, well. I'm psyched for him. He took a flight with coco and went with her family to their rock show in Brooklyn and now here I go to fetch him. For more info, ask him. That's his story to tell.

Kid knows what he's doing back there.

Friday, August 29, 2008

art or yoga

I really love this woman's art:

Her name is Susie Ghahremani and her website is here. And sure, it's cutesy and some may not like but I do. Anyway, there is one painting she has that is $200. which I crave but on the other hand, I could take that $200 and buy 3 months of unlimited bikram yoga! I find it interesting that they are both the same sum but entirely different things to buy.
Money is funny.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm super smart and happy that I went to the Cape last weekend, not like everyone else in the world who is going there now.
I wish I was going to the Cape for more than a driveby-*sob*-that above sentence is all a lie! Of course I wish I were going to the Cape this weekend!
No way, the traffic is going to suck, tourists are going to be all uptight about the end of summer and having to get the Best ! Possible ! Weekend ! Ever ! no matter the damage left inside and out.

Ok, done venting. Will dress for Karaoke and Obamarama. Whee.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

now i want now i want

poor judy garland. poor Judy.
Reading (one of) her biographies makes me want to spend 70$ at amazon on dvds.
good ol' warmhearted Judy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

dog tags gingerly jingle

Spend most the day away from the house, dragging husband to his first TRANSPERFORMANCE. bully for him.
dogs were very glad to see us get home. DbR had some cheery moments while walking the pups although intermittently complaining about his feet and tiredness. i got him singing a pop song, which is always a treat.
after transp. we ate a late dinner at the new Paradise City tavern. Really liked my burger au poivre. they have oysters there too and after quizzing our server relentlessly i ascertained they were wild from wellfleet! i declined but said i would be back in November to sample the same ilk.
almost feeling cuddly.

Monday, August 25, 2008


the weekend is over. i woke up worrying about bills. everything is too much. argh.
ok, breathe. wish i was back in gay head.

I wish I were still catching a wave or even just breaking up the clay on the beach which has already washed down off the cliff and intermingled with the sand laying around me and seeing the glitter flash in the sun.
But no, I'm in Greenfield with the dog looking at me like i'm nuts and assorted worries including a day at work i'm not in favor of. whee!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

blippity blah blippity

went to dinner at the china snormet with DbR and then forced him to accompany me to Dirty Bills to early night karaoke 7-11 pm-for families! I sang Waterloo which was a fun time. He didn't sing up where everyone could enjoy but lucky for me he kept singing to me in my ear as in a private performance. Home now, trying to pack light for an overnight.

Pickles keeps me company, he is excited to go to the spa for the weekend.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


no bats last night. was able to sleep okay. was awoke by dogs barking and lovely man with coffee climbing the stairs to my room. later, hot air balloon over the Arch Street, which seemed queer but delightful.

saw a monarch as I drove to work. feeling a little coffee now, as I downed a cup right before coming into work.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So what happened with the bats? is Tuesday. ON Sunday DbR said he saw a bat in his room but even though the dogs chased it it was able to hide behind the big shelves. Lets call this bat Mr.S, for Shelf. So on Monday after going to a nice bday party at a neighbor's we come home and get a bowl and the Grease soundtrack album and try to catch Mr.S. He stays behind the shelves even though DbR pokes at him. I say lets give up, he's bound to come out. Reluctantly DbR stops poking.

Later I go upstairs to bed leaving DbR and dogs and presumably, Mr.S. I sleep, awakening around 2 or so to loud Pickles barking. I stay in bed hoping he stops or is stopped. Neither happens. I go downstairs and DbR's bedroom door is open and I thought that Mr.S escaped downstairs where he is now being chased. Peretz runs downstairs when he hears me in the hall-I guess he was letting Pickles do the heavy lifting-and both dogs-cacophony-bark bark bark. oy. I realize there is no end in sight and I peek down toward the living room and I see/hear dogs running around in the dark room and I occasionally see bat darting about as well. Times goes tiringly on and on! and I come to grips with the fact that I am going to have to separate Pickles from his prey because he is never going to catch it and it's just too loud. But I lag with reluctance to enter the fray. Time moves. Finally...

Enter it I do, with a towel on my head and as I go into the kitchen to grab dog I feel the thing fly into me but I ignore the sensation and chase Pickles. Mr.S goes upstairs. Pickles follows. I do too. We continue up into my 3rd floor hallway. I had closed my bedroom door to keep it bat free and I open it up a little to put a bowl of water in there because I realize when I finally catch my dog and we are stuck in my room he is going to be totally out of breath and thirsty. As I start to open my door to do so I look up from under my shroud and see the bat go for it-diving into my room. I shut my door hurriedly. The bat hits the door, falls to the floor. Pickles grabs Mr. S in his mouth and dashes downstairs to landing outside bathroom. By the time I get the thing off my head I see the corpse lying on the floor at the bottom of my 3rd floor stairway and Pickles lying next to it, proudly having a heartattack.

I accept that bat situation is dispensed with and leaving dog and water bowl in the hall, leaving bedroom doors open and breezy, as is my wont, I go to bed. Soon I awake to barking-again, yes. I go down to the first floor after putting the dead bat in a plastic bag on my way by and I don't see a bat (I may not have looked terribly closely into the dark living room) but I see dog chasing something and barking and standing still. I grab him, drag him upstairs and put him in DbR's room (who has slept through this entire scenario, presumably-he says he didn't get much sleep but he never did rise-), close the door and go to bed. An hour and a half later I am awakened by Pickles' very obvious bark. I hear it outside my window. It's a little after 4. What is Pickles doing outside? What a nightmare! I hear Peretz bark. I hear DbR express dismay. I realize I am hearing them out their window into mine. I feel delirious. I call DbR from my bed as I didn't want to again enter a batuation.
"What's happening?"
"You left me in here with the dogs and a bat."
"Pickles and I killed a bat! I thought it was the same bat and the coast was clear."
"Well, there is a bat in here."
"Are you okay?"
"Just annoyed you would lock the dogs in here with me and the bat."

I hang up at this with nothing to add. I go downstairs to his room and open the door. I somehow turn on the light after seeing bat and dogs moving around the room. I turn on the light even though there is a little grey morning break but its not enough to see and catch Pickles (the very loud one) by. I grab him while trying to avoid bat-ness and DbR's disapproving glance and pull dog to stairway. I think I heard DbR ask, "Aren't you going to help?" and I answer, "What do you want me to do?" Basically at this point I want to remove chaos and thunder from his room and I bring dog up to my room and close the door. I fall asleep fitfully listening to the dog pant.

Morning. I am blessed with a lovely husband who climbs the stairs to my room with a cup of coffee-oh shit, I don't have any 1/2 1/2 for tomorrow~!-and the report that the bat last night has again gone underground-or rather, presumably behind the shelving. I believe now that this must still be Mr.S. I express dismay and point out that on his clean shirt, donned that morning after his shower, there was some yukky junk that must have gotten on him during the dog walk he had just taken with Peretz. He went downstairs and soon called up to me, "The bat is dead, dogs evicerated it when it flew out from next to my laundry hamper!"
"Ok, good!" I called back. He took the two corpses outside to the garbage and we both had a grumpy day. We're better now-I want to buy lots of art/jewelry etc on No bats seen so far (fingers crushingly crossed).

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Long Week

and a long week ahead, blah blah blah. I did a lot and am slated to continue to do stuff and I just want it all but also just want to sit in bed and read. I dread and anticipate happily simultaneously. Nothing mollifies or satisfies. Right now the edge seems omnipresent. Would like to remove nail polish from toes.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

around the bricker

I was going to spend the day reading five books but I realized vacuuming, mopping, etc. must be done. So I do.

Pickles reminds me to look around at the plants, etc. around the Bricker and take a moment to enjoy.

I have been obsessed in my own little way about growing sensitive plants. Last year I planted an entire envelope of seeds and only was able to glean one plant which I fell in love with and took with me to Cape Cod when I went there for a week in September. It was nice to have the plant with me on vacation. I think the plant was so heartsick at leaving the seashore, it died of a heartbreak soon after coming back to Greenfield.
I found another envelope of seeds and have been growing them from soon after meeting David. I have two plants growing in a trough on the front porch, this one in the bathroom, the one above on the back porch...and I think that's all.

As ever, the gorgeous blooming of those morning glories continue.

This plant has been growing since last Spring, actually. I planted the seeds at the same time I planted the seeds of my money plant and the money plant is a biennial and has flowers/money growing on it now. So this plant grew all last summer, winter and until now. Where are the flowers? I can't remember the name of this plant but part of the name is a word that also means a certain purply-color and it is also the name of a jazz song by some famous black jazz player. Can you help me remember what it is? Maybe I'll look up "purple" in the thesaurus on dictionary .com and I'll get back to you..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

just not gonna

comb my hair, dammit

blah blah blogger

No plans made with the kid ever go smoothly, I'm finding. He asked me to come to his gig on Saturday, I made plans to do so and now I'm told the gig is Friday. I make arrangements for him to come to the transperformance at Look Park. Now he's telling me he would rather spend the last week of summer with his girlfriend. I bought some tickets to the Radiohead show but in my effort to get good seats (not lawn seats) I bought two tickets which are not together. He seems grumpy about that. I guess he's not quite old enough to know, it's all about the music, not the person next to you. Well, I guess at many concerts it is about the person next to you, but Radiohead? Not this time. Sigh. Nothing seems right sometimes. Watch, my car will break down enroute.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Silly dogs! Weights are for...

I went to a potluck where the foodies go to eat and it was pretty great. Two kinds of chicken, very good to me.

When we came home the dogs were glad and DbR asked, "What does Pickles have?(in his mouth)" and sure enough, Pickles was doing the four point parade and he did have something he was showing off but I didn't remember him having anything new and exciting to show (which is usually the case for such a display). He did pick up a bright red ball outside on the train tracks or wherever while we walked but I made him leave it outside. He couldn't have that.
He had the two pound pink weight that I keep around for no reason! He held the weight like you would expect and carried it around. It reminded me of a story Aaron once related-I think it was Aaron-about some people who made a weighted down vest for their dog so s/he wouldn't jump on visitors. I always loved that idea for Pickles.
But if he chooses weights for his own toys?! There's no hope for weight training that dog!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

sunday night

feel full up but have to take more on.
I miss the kid after having an aborted trip to Woods Hole for pick up.
Feel a little lost.
So bad, good movie may be the ticket.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


I just put issue 2 of my zine, PAWL BITT, totally to bed in less than six hours. During that time I also assembled some Q+A handouts. I'm a machine, yo.

Friday, August 08, 2008

eighth hour of the eighth day..

Dog puked and man napped.
Cramps desist and cease.
Maybe not ready for a beer
but a caesar salad

work work work-where's my donuts?

I pluralize donut on purpose even though the where has singular verbage. I want seventeen donuts but may only get one-if any. I have to rise from my desk in any case. But I shouldn't-I have enough paperwork to last me the whole weekend. Maybe I'll never go home! Actually, all I can think about is going home and working on assorted projects. sigh.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


If the lights are out and there is no one in the therapy room, do the fish in the tank still swim around, even though they are not being watched? The answer is yes.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tried to, tried to, triiiiiiiiiiied.

So, I just tried to order some postcards to stick in with the invites to some party and all I want is some 4x6, printed full color on one side card stocky things and i had the biggest morass of ill on the for their prices, i am willing to wiggle, i guess.

meanwhile, i am catching up on some people's blogs i haven't read in a while. i guess i could play faux scrabulous on the facebook, but i feel too lazy.

there's thunder right outside. i am on the third floor (my laptop got drizzled on in the dining room-remember that weather ghost?) so it's all about the office 'puter. with the window open behind me and humid weather lower than 78, i'm aright. smells like skunk, though. why?
thunder, thunder

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

my house is haunted

by weather. I'll tell you about it sometime.

three nights and counting

I can't get over how lovely these morning glories are with their stripey-stripedness. There are three this morning, each one bluer or whiter or just gorgeously different from the other. I'm happy about that. The zinnias are coming too, some have opened and some just look like they're getting ready and yay! summer flowers.

Meanwhile, the title of this blog refers to the absence of batty visitors. Since Saturday, when DbR put the fire alarm thing on the fire alarm holder in the ceiling of the third floor we've been bat free! Could they really have been coming down from that opening in the fire alarm mounting hardware? How bizarre. But not really as I have always look askance at that dark shadowy area. And now my life will be alarmed if there is a fire. oh joy.

My car is troubled and luckily there is someone here to help me find help for it. I feel overwhelmed with things I need to pay for, however, at this time. I don't really want to pay for a car mechanic. groan.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

How delicious!

I did make the carrot cake and it kicks ass. Thanks to DbR for having a food processor with a carrot grating mechanism and Jen F for the recipe. it's good. As usual, while I was fussing in the kitchen, Pickles kept me great company. DbR joined us and starting making some lentil-bacon-herby salad thing which I will deign to eat while taking breaks from the cake.

I think we are going to a NH fair this afternoon. I'd better take a shower and wear my country best!

unless i am mistaken

there was no bat last night. what a relief! meanwhile, DbR and I figured out how to open the screen where Friday night's bat was still scrunched up and it seems to have freed itself. I wonder if it will survive. I also wonder if it will spread the word to other bats to leave this house alone-the humans engage in torture!

i have a hankering to make a cake but lack the serious commitment. I looked at some pictures of S's birthday and feel pretty sad I wasn't there. I actually could have gone, if someone had called me and invited me. I sure miss out on many moments of his life. It bums me out pretty hard. I supposed I would be more bummed out if I was still living on the island, Winter 2003, etc. Guess I'll make that cake now.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

cleaning and to-do list

There was a bat last night. The funny part is that what I feared would happen, happened. I was walking down the narrow winding stairway from my bedroom on the 3rd floor to the bathroom on the 2nd floor and a bat came up into the stairway with me and feinted and darted at me. I yelped and covered my head and busted my way to the remove the thing from my scalp. Of course it wasn't there, it was over by the same hallway window the bats all congregate upon. All this commotion was not enough to wake/rouse my husband so I went and asked him if he would get up and help me deal with it. After muttering, "I was asleep." he rose but we didn't really do any dealing. We just closed the poor thing up between the window and the screen to die and put Pickles away so the barking would cease. I guess I could have just done that myself, but making the life and death decisions regarding other mammals seems to call for another's weigh in, I think. Anyway, I felt better about it than if I had just shut the thing up and told about it after the fact.

This morning. Bat is not dead but will not allow DbR to smush it into a container to take outside. It has burrowed into a corner of the screen in such a way that we find it impossible to release. oh, boy. I guess I should have sucked it up in the first place last night and poured the thing into the dogs' drinking bowl and carried it outside. Argh. I hate wrestling with wildlife and I hate guilty regrets.

In other news, a dead mouse is outside near the back porch and I should pluck my eyebrows.

Yay! Summer!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Legs up with a book and a drink

It was a long day. 93 percent was fun and great. It got to be a long trip, though, once we hit..north of 90 on 495. But we made it and the dogs survived being alone for ten hours and there was only one carcass found.

Here's to no more bats for a while. Must go lie in bed with book and drink. Nice work if you can get it..

August 1

whew. Last night was kind of quazy. When us 3 humans came home the kid came downstairs calling, "there are 2 dead bats up here in the hall" which was interesting because in the car DbR and I were telling him about the bat we experienced last weekend in the living room/kitchen. He was curious, asking about bats in general and strangely (or not so strangely?) the husband was full of facts and info about those flying mammals.

no mentions of chupacabras were made

so, then, to come home to 2 dead bats!? Funny. DbR picked up the carcasses and I wiped away the moist leftovers and we proceeded with our night time doings. An hour or so later, while I was in bed listening to the kid play some Radiohead on my computer in the adjacent office, the kid said, "there's a bat! there's a bat!" For some reason I hadn't turned off my light but I had closed my eyes. I opened my eyes and sure enough, saw a bat with yellow tipping flying around the entrance of my bedroom. Yellow tipping-I can't elaborate on this but there were yellow feet? Yellow markings? I'm not sure because I dove under my blanket and chaos ensued for another two hours with the dogs barking and the bat hiding somewhere. The kid went to bed, closing his door. I did the same but the incessant barking (Pickles, not Peretz) was too much to bear. I descended to the hallway outside the bathroom and could see the bat was curled up and poised on the hallway window's upper screen with both dogs below, looking up, bark bark bark. I grabbed Pickles and closed him up in DbR's room, thinking that without the bat in front of him he would stop barking. I was right. Peretz I let wander about the house and he stayed quiet but at one point I heard him whine outside my bedroom door and a flutter flutter of (bat) wings against the door. I expected to find a carcass out side the room this morning.

But I didn't. I haven't found third carcass yet. I tiptoe about.

afternote: I just went upstairs to ask the kid to get up and help me walk the dogs and I jokingly asked him, "Any bats in here?" and he asked, "Did you check my room?" (for those confused with this let me just explain that the Kid is sleeping in the baby room because the bedroom which is his actual room is too hot, on the third floor where the baby room on the 2nd floor is cooler). When he said that I remembered that last night when the yellow tipped bat was flying around the computer room where he was outside my bedroom he saw it fly into his room (adjacent to where he was) and he closed the door, seemingly closing the yellow tipped bat inside. Well, we just went upstairs and looked around that closed up room and no carcass, no bat. I called Pickles up and said, "Go get it! Get the bat!" and he came up empty. Did this yellow tipped bat get out of the room? Was it the one on the window downstairs or was that a 4th bat and the 3rd bat, Yellow Tip, get out of the bedroom somehow?

The bat mystery continues.