Friday, August 01, 2008

August 1

whew. Last night was kind of quazy. When us 3 humans came home the kid came downstairs calling, "there are 2 dead bats up here in the hall" which was interesting because in the car DbR and I were telling him about the bat we experienced last weekend in the living room/kitchen. He was curious, asking about bats in general and strangely (or not so strangely?) the husband was full of facts and info about those flying mammals.

no mentions of chupacabras were made

so, then, to come home to 2 dead bats!? Funny. DbR picked up the carcasses and I wiped away the moist leftovers and we proceeded with our night time doings. An hour or so later, while I was in bed listening to the kid play some Radiohead on my computer in the adjacent office, the kid said, "there's a bat! there's a bat!" For some reason I hadn't turned off my light but I had closed my eyes. I opened my eyes and sure enough, saw a bat with yellow tipping flying around the entrance of my bedroom. Yellow tipping-I can't elaborate on this but there were yellow feet? Yellow markings? I'm not sure because I dove under my blanket and chaos ensued for another two hours with the dogs barking and the bat hiding somewhere. The kid went to bed, closing his door. I did the same but the incessant barking (Pickles, not Peretz) was too much to bear. I descended to the hallway outside the bathroom and could see the bat was curled up and poised on the hallway window's upper screen with both dogs below, looking up, bark bark bark. I grabbed Pickles and closed him up in DbR's room, thinking that without the bat in front of him he would stop barking. I was right. Peretz I let wander about the house and he stayed quiet but at one point I heard him whine outside my bedroom door and a flutter flutter of (bat) wings against the door. I expected to find a carcass out side the room this morning.

But I didn't. I haven't found third carcass yet. I tiptoe about.

afternote: I just went upstairs to ask the kid to get up and help me walk the dogs and I jokingly asked him, "Any bats in here?" and he asked, "Did you check my room?" (for those confused with this let me just explain that the Kid is sleeping in the baby room because the bedroom which is his actual room is too hot, on the third floor where the baby room on the 2nd floor is cooler). When he said that I remembered that last night when the yellow tipped bat was flying around the computer room where he was outside my bedroom he saw it fly into his room (adjacent to where he was) and he closed the door, seemingly closing the yellow tipped bat inside. Well, we just went upstairs and looked around that closed up room and no carcass, no bat. I called Pickles up and said, "Go get it! Get the bat!" and he came up empty. Did this yellow tipped bat get out of the room? Was it the one on the window downstairs or was that a 4th bat and the 3rd bat, Yellow Tip, get out of the bedroom somehow?

The bat mystery continues.

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