Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday, May 08, 2010

everything is better now

so after i decided to go to the minnesingers concert i called Sal to tell him and we spoke very briefly, mostly him saying, yeah, ok
then on thursday night, late, he sent me an email saying, don't come, just got back from rehearsal, its not worth coming for, everyone sucks, yadda yadda and then i wrote back, "i don't care, i really want to, email me back that is okay" and i didn't hear from him all day friday which bummed me out because then i didn't know my plan
and then at work weirdness occurred but then DbR+I went to the flywheel and it was a great show with lots of interesting sounds and i had a few laughs with Nick, a few heartfelt talks with Ted, some cuddles and smiles with Husbear, some other nice conversations/interactions with this guy Dave and this woman Jess, nice nice nice Friday night.
Today, I slept really late and felt funky, missed the g'field farmers market which bummed me out (really great plant selections-me no money), still no word from Sal, which fucked me up, i called him at one, "tell me if its okay to come or not, what's up?" went to Iron Man2 (good+fun), had a margarita at hope and olive at 5
(david had a gay boy drink) and we split a italian meats and cheese bread board, then i bought $6 worth of 50% off crappy eleanor roosevelt mysteries, we came home, i made a cake + he made a nice dinner, we walked the dogs and i called sal, "call me back, we won't come if that gets you mad but i am still hoping you call me back and say, come on down" I was feeling a little stressed about it and then finally he called and we had a very light, comical conversation and so the trip is a go for mother's day!

rainy depressed Saturday

I do not feel on top of the world at all today, regardless of how tall my bedroom is in the sky.
Should do laundry, both pairs of jeans are dirty. dogs are raising a ruckus downstairs.
Feel like things are out of my hands, I hate that. Time to condense and contract.
Maybe going to see Iron Man 2 will be a pleasant distraction.