Monday, December 22, 2008


yay! got a gyro for lunch from the greek place
yay! sunset is two minutes later tonight

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Brunch is good

Brunch was great today. it was super pleasant and exciting to sit at the bar with regulars and family and watch other regulars, family and neighbors come stomping in from the snowy snow snow, draw up at the bar as well or join x's birthday party and start enjoying spicy bloody marys, risotto, great coffee and tasty everything else. There was at least seven kinds of meat at the party and just as many different cakes and the raucous partygoers (singing was often and gusty) were eagerly (and besottedly) offering platefuls to everyone. Lingering lasted until the cooks were free to amble from the kitchen and goggle at the snow while chatting us all up. Yay for Hope and Olive!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

there were 74 views on my flickr yesterday. many people liked to look at this picture.

It is a picture of my husband in the park next to the Diamond Head park in Waikiki taking a picture of a kite. It was before we were totally swept up in a tropical storm which blew and drenched us. During the storm we were walking around a residential area and there were no businesses to duck into to stay out of the wet so we just slogged along and got totally drenched. Every once in a while a big gust of wind would whoosh us and I would be so surprised and helpless at the rainstorm all around us I would let out a yell or mini-screech. After a while DbR looked at me and joked, "nice bra". Sure enough I was a sight for a fatty wet tshirt convention! What had started as a nice walk around Waikiki in cloudy warm weather had turned into an unfortunate and slightly obscene event! I was embarrassed, to say the least. The bra I was wearing was perfectly serviceable and actually a nice support under a very thin summer shirt. Not to be worn fully drenched!
This is a pic of both of us before the storm:

see the nice light blue shirt? I looked awright. So we got drenched and then found the store we had headed out to find and in that store I bought a ten dollar dress. DbR continued wet. I felt sorry for the guy. This is a pic of us after I had changed. I had taken off my undies but was still wearing the wet bra, socks and vans.

I like my new ten dollar dress. I wonder if I can still wear it, in Massachusetts, in winter. Maybe I'll put on a sassy cardigan and wear the dress with knit thigh highs on new years eve at the hope and olive. It's a thought. I did walk around Waikiki in a wet tshirt. Why not wear an aloha dress in winter? No one tells me what I can do!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Feels like Honeymoon has just begun

View from Lanai:

We're ensconced in a super lovely hotel in Waikiki, a place I've never been. DbR has stayed in this hotel before and has fond memories which include a Japanese Restaurant and Honolulu marathon, both of which he will get a taste of on this trip as well. Sitting on the hotel room's balcony overlooking park doings and ocean to my left. It is a busy place even though it continues overcast. The sun may be breaking through, though, I am beginning to see people's shadows on the grass. I would like to go swimming, but not in the gloom.

Here is a picture of some of the food we ate at the fancy Japanese restaurant in this hotel. Delicious and beautiful.

Here are some pics I have just taken from where I am sitting right now.

The sun really wants to come out. Everyone concentrate.

Friday, December 12, 2008

lovely Kauai

THis is where we stayed in Kauai. We've checked out already today and are now just lally-gagging around loafing until our 6 pm flight to Honolulu. It was actually a very lovely cottage even though it had no to little internet. It stood near other cottages owned by a nice family. Also nearby was the Wailua River which became very muddy and full after monstrous rains wedn night/thurs morning. Our sneakers were out on the porch (we werent' allowed to wear shoes inside) during the storm and got wet. They've dried since. The cottage was lovely and we slept much better there than in Hauula.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


I hate seeing the husband all sweatly and disrupted in his peacefulness. Today was a helluva day. The flight from CT to TX was in someways worse than the twice as long of a one from TX to HI. I felt so hot and aggravated while waiting my turn to squeeze out of the plane -- it seemed to take so long and I had a hard time keeping calm and really felt like crap from the time we landed until I was in the airport, putting down my broken bag which was soon discarded. I expected the worse for the next leg-an eight and a half hour long jaunt to Honolulu airport. But I psyched myself up during the two hour layover in Dallas and I did some walking about, some stretching and really sorted myself out for a long long scene.

And it was long but I handled it okay. There was a hella cute baby boy two seats in front of us, he was about 8-9 months and just watching him cry and smile was a nice distraction. I slept a lot, I read Hollywood by A Burr. I tickled and tortured the husband, and when I was really really bored and grumpy I went to the bathroom and just stayed in the room by myself for a few minutes which was a relief. So I got through it and we got the car and luggage and the sun was setting just as we were figuring out how to go north on 63 and the condo isn't what I hoped but its not terrible and tomorrow should be lovely. hurray! my first honeymoon in hawaii has begun.

Friday, December 05, 2008

We Drove To CT

Sitting up in the Bricker watching an absurd show on the netflix instant download. Husband snores downstairs alone. Dog aren't home. The old lady in charge of the kennel (spa) where we left the dogs said she'd bring them a blanket. They have adjoining cells which each have a plastic pedestal where the dogs can lie instead of the stall's hard concrete floor. The cells have individual doorways which allow the dogs to go outside into their outdoor stall area from where they can see each other through the chain link fence. They can also look across to the pens of the other dogs which are kennelled there and they can also look up the nearby hill to see goats hanging in the yard and above that, a large fenced in area, also filled with individual kennels, all inhabited with st bernards, one after each gigantic other, all living to breed, all barking their heads off. Behind them is the farmhouse, the barnhouse and the cat=smelly shed room where the mistress of the kennel sells her wares and keeps her books.

This show is so sleazy and horrible great. It is touted by netflix as the Male Sex in the City and Anthony Head is superb, once more with feeling. I want to watch more but I should sleep and there doesn't seem to be more than one episode offered on the streaming netflix. I just heard a loud firetruck-like siren off in the distance of Greenfield.

I was told about this dog spa from my boss who leaves her dogs there. I guess it is fine and it's not super pricey and what I love is that it is five minutes away from the Hartford airport so we can pick them up super quick instead of driving all the way to Greenfield before seeing them. It is weird right now because since I am not on the plane travelling, I have this time to muse about the dogs and what they are doing instead of dealing with airports and airplane neighbors, crying babies and dry skin and rental cars. I am looking forward to picking up the dogs and bringing them home more than I am looking forward to getting on the plane and travelling to Hawaii. Please note: I didn't state "more than I am looking forward to vacationing in Hawaii." But I do have the time to wish we could have brought scraps of carpet to put down under their plastic pedestals and perhaps big fluffy dog beds to put on top of the pedestals and maybe some Indian

tapestries to hang about, I wish we could have tacked some photos up and perhaps we might have plugged in a radio they could listen to, although you know Pickles and Peretz would be arguing about the station choice constantly. Peretz will finally have his dominant will heard and classical or jazz music will waft about the closed in barn with all the empty stalls except those two over on the right, close to the front door, where our dogs from the cozy beds of Greenfield shiver the night away with the paltry heat promised to be bestowed upon the dogs after all the doors have been closed and the lights have been turned off. Cats and kittens will be the sole prowlers and the only sound heard is the very seldom yelp from that one cranky goat who sleeps on a sore buttock.

If our plane crashes, please go pick up the dogs at Meadowrock Kennels, rt 75, Suffield, CT and find them good homes amongst our friends and families.