Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have a dripping ceiling in my kitchen which is caused by an unfinished/leaky tile job in my bathroom. The tile job in the bathroom looks nice but it is leaking.

It's been a couple of months now and I have been making plans during that time to get a tile guy and a plumber to come to my house at the same time to work on the trouble and I'm worried after all this that it doesn't actually fix the leak-who knows, right?

But I am moving forward with the job with the hope that it will be fine and fixed and my kitchen will have less of a relationship with my bathroom. I do have that hope. Last night I fussed with the bathroom, removing things and sorting it out for the job this morning.

This morning I woke up at 7 in anticipation for the 8 am arrival of the workguys. I had hired and confirmed their schedule and I got a call from the tileguy at 7:15 this morning asking, "are we still on?" uh, yeah. I have been anticipating this day, this job for months, it feels like.

DbR and I drank coffee and hung around with the dogs and then the plumber showed up at 8:20-but no tile guy. I felt all stressed that the plumber would finish his prep and the tile guy wouldn't be here and the plumber would have to leave and then charge me another start up fee when he came back (really can't afford that). I called the tile guy a couple of times and the plumber started cutting into all my walls and I sat here and waited, playing a little scrabulous.

9:15. The tile guy is here. Can't wait to see what happens.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

saturday nights awright

last night i got a text on my phone and it didn't say who it was and the number isn't in my log and i can't help but wonder, "who?"
it's Saturday. DbR is showering and i am using his lappy. i haven't been on a computer since i was at work yesterday. when i got home afterwards DbR showed up with a nice table and chairs and set them up in the yard, over by the property line/bulkhead. "who is going to sit there with you?" I asked. He was befuddled as to my refusal. "You may as well ask the neighbors over to have a cup of coffee and smoke with you." He shook his head at me. "Space waster" During the 15 minutes it took me to clear off my back porch, sweep and mop the thing and have him bringing the set up on the porch I tried to explain to him how that space was not wasted, it worked perfectly and necessarily well as my buffer. That is the space I need between me and my neighbor's driveway, etc. He didn't seem to understand the McNamara way. Put a fence up!

This morning the neighbor with 2 pit bulls and a puppy had his brown puppy, cocoa, out in the yard. Cocoa ran over to Rosy, the neighbor dog while Peretz and Pickles strained at the end of their lines to be part of the action. They weren't, except as the chorus: "ruff! ruff! woof! woof!" etc.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

(not so) Lazy Sunday

This week's dark obsession woke up, drank coffee and left me with the 2 dogs while he went to work for a quick minute, ran over to Atkins where he bought me some flowers for the yard (johnny jump ups), a couple big ol' apple fritters and 2 pieces of pineapple cream pie and drove back to the Bricker.

Meanwhile, I broke up dog on dog annoyances right and left, made a nice fire (it got cold today) and started sorting out my last photographic project. he's trying to take a pic of me but i don't think i look as cute as i did yesterday.

feel like i have a sore throat.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

get the pool to ripple

is it nice out? i think it is finally kind of nice out.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Fearless by default: Day ninety seven ... A confluence of events.

Fearless by default: Day ninety seven ... A confluence of events.

It's funny how things are connected. First, the Mary mentioned in my friend's blog is a friend of mine and my friend, DbR's, and here she is, featured prominently in this blog I enjoy. Secondly, the guy mentioned in this blog, the Rob guy with a baby? Well, I had a date with him a year or so ago during which we went and had some ginger beers at The People's Pint after he picked me up from my house. After nailing down the fact that we know each other from when he came over to my house to record in my ex's studio way back in 2003 or something he then proceeded to tell me how wonderful and talented and supergreat my ex is and even though perhaps I might on some days be found on the very same debate team, I certainly don't need to hear such propaganda from my current date, right? So I had asked the guy, "Could we please talk about something else? I don't really want to tune into the FVP channel.." But he wouldn't stop! He kept bringing him up and how talented and personable and funny FVP is and when they first met and what they've done together musically and....

after the date he emailed me once more to tell me that I "really need to get over" my ex. How incredibly helpful he was!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

come on over and spackle

it's fun!
the bf and I were ripping down the old dark wallpaper in his room to be and he got a strange and absurd idea that the walls behind the wallpaper aren't as smooth as he thinks they should be and has some wacky intention (he might actually be joking-ha!) that the walls should be smoothed and sanded, etc. do you believe that?

Well, that is not the type of project I'm interested in being involved with, so if anyone reading this would like to "wax on/wax off" with the this and that of wall smoothing, please contact me here and I'll sign you up.
Over and out.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

like infinity-a soft pelted dog

So, the roommate moved out and although he was generally a nice guy and served a purpose for me in my life in many ways, wow, I love having the house to myself. Just me and the dog and the cat: life just feels so peaceful, perfect. I have a date to go see an old friend tonight and I might cancel it just so I can be alone in my house. I really need to clean this dump (flash to Elizabeth Taylor in Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf -You know what I'm talking about.) and even though I attacked the bathroom last night- clean floor and porcelain, soft, fluffy throw rugs...mmmmm- I didn't touch the floors of kitchen, living room and dining room because DbR came over and we started pulling the wallpaper down in his future room. This was an enjoyable activity, to be sure, but my cleaning schedule took a major hit.

Yesterday was a good day-I saw 4 (four) different men in relationship to some home improvement capacity. I love April 1, 2008-true love forever.

One more silly, ironic note: When FVP lived here he brought a crappy big ol' gas grill that never worked. It just sat out in the yard looking ugly. Then, when he left, I had to get rid of it. I paid some guy to take away a bunch of old crap to the dump, including that. I was pretty happy to have it gone. The roommate moved in and much to my dismay, six months later carts over -yes-another gas grill. I was filled with dread. I think he used the thing fucking twice, ridiculous. Guess what? He left it.
I have the monster sitting in my backyard exactly where the last one was. It works. Anyone want it? Come and take it away. Why am I the keeper of discarded gas grills? I hate them. Stupid robot.