Wednesday, April 02, 2008

like infinity-a soft pelted dog

So, the roommate moved out and although he was generally a nice guy and served a purpose for me in my life in many ways, wow, I love having the house to myself. Just me and the dog and the cat: life just feels so peaceful, perfect. I have a date to go see an old friend tonight and I might cancel it just so I can be alone in my house. I really need to clean this dump (flash to Elizabeth Taylor in Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf -You know what I'm talking about.) and even though I attacked the bathroom last night- clean floor and porcelain, soft, fluffy throw rugs...mmmmm- I didn't touch the floors of kitchen, living room and dining room because DbR came over and we started pulling the wallpaper down in his future room. This was an enjoyable activity, to be sure, but my cleaning schedule took a major hit.

Yesterday was a good day-I saw 4 (four) different men in relationship to some home improvement capacity. I love April 1, 2008-true love forever.

One more silly, ironic note: When FVP lived here he brought a crappy big ol' gas grill that never worked. It just sat out in the yard looking ugly. Then, when he left, I had to get rid of it. I paid some guy to take away a bunch of old crap to the dump, including that. I was pretty happy to have it gone. The roommate moved in and much to my dismay, six months later carts over -yes-another gas grill. I was filled with dread. I think he used the thing fucking twice, ridiculous. Guess what? He left it.
I have the monster sitting in my backyard exactly where the last one was. It works. Anyone want it? Come and take it away. Why am I the keeper of discarded gas grills? I hate them. Stupid robot.


NCavillones said...

You should keep the gas grill. Henry and I will come over and grill things... grilled veggies. Yum. Grilled steak. Yum. Everything tastes better on the grill!

And Kudos to DbR having his own room. We all need a room of our own...says the girl who lives in a studio with her husband and two damn cats.

No Stand In Will Do said...

come on up to Greenfield, MA and you too can have a house with five bedrooms! bedrooms galore for everyone~

NCavillones said...

and you know we will fill those bedrooms soon enough! maybe i'll reserve one just for me. :)