Saturday, June 12, 2010

took a shower

and although Pickles had total access to my bedroom garbage, he did not molest the contents. what a good dog!!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Pickles is a good dog

Today is hot and humid and yuck. Thankfully it is Saturday so I can just lounge around the house taking showers. Two, so far.

I'm not lounging 100% however. I got up and started laundry. I did some dishes, watered some plants. I found some alaskan daisy starters half dead in their outgrown clay pot so I gave them a lot of water in the sink and then a little while later, stuck them in the ground next to a row of columbine I had planted a couple weeks ago. Out of a whole pack of columbine seeds I have 5-6 plants popping up. I wish there were more. Now they are in a row next to a row of daisies. I'll report back on their progress.

Just now I heard a cat's meow which is weird because I don't have a cat and I'm sitting in my bedroom on the third floor of my house next to a fan. The meow must have come from the ground but that's pretty great projection for a kitty.

Back to today's progress. I did a little weeding after replanting the daisies and then watered a bunch of stuff but I don't have a hose that works so I tired after 2 5 gallon trips. David went to NH and before I took another shower I pushed the couch out from the wall and vacuumed all the horrible hairballs, etc up from behind there. Only found 35c. I did find a rejected piece of my halloween costume that I had sewn and discarded. It was supposed to have been the ewok hood but was a FAIL. Then I was ready for shower #2 so I called and enticed Pickles up to the bathroom with me and got him in and showered. It was great. I took off my clothes so I could get in there too and managed to sit on the edge of the tub with him (somewhat) complacently standing between my knees as i soaped and rinsed him. He was good and now it is obvious that he knows he is a very good boy and he just looks so shiny and lovely freshly washed.

Just as we were getting wet in the shower I heard thunder but this hasn't followed through yet. Will there be hail? Will there be a tornado? Let's watch.