Monday, September 29, 2008

egg with meat inside

It is too loud in here. Pickles is yelling, "rrrowwrrr rrrlowwlrr" and I'm sick of it. Sure, it's real cute but I'd love some quiet. Peretz is barking indignantly and I want quiet. Why can't I sit on the couch and have quiet dogs? argh

Sunday, September 28, 2008

ate bbq at the Hope and Olive

cocatered by Holy Smokes, late of Hatfield. Really yummy and beyond any reproach. I got the ribs and could only eat one of four, I was so full so fast. They had these corn fritters with this maple butter outside coating -oh boy. I really cannot say enough about this gastromic orgasm. Best part of the weekend.

Even better than realizing I could lay/sit in bed and watch a dvd on my macbook. whoa.

Friday, September 26, 2008

lazing around being sick

DbR uploaded some word/publisher programs on my lappy after telling the laptop that it's going to have to forget I ever had a password because I didn't remember my password. Now I have to remember all my other passwords. How ironic. I don't remember more than one or two passwords at a time. Now he's outside telling his mom how silly I was not to remember all my passwords.

ok, this is all just silly. I'm delirious with silliness. I need a tissue and a snack, I think.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I was just going to write about how while calling my Kid I slammed a coffee table into my toe, breaking a large piece of the toenail off and then I looked at my last 2 blogs were about physical maladies and I almost stopped myself! Who wants to hear about my illin'?

The weird part was it really hurt and just as I realized how much it hurt the message time came on and I had to leave a message for him while enduring the pain stoicly. I think I managed but at the end my "call me soon" may have sounded a little querolous.

sore throat sore throat

house is empty, which is fortunate because DbR and i have no energy left for dogs and each other, much less visitors. Slept last night from 10 p -8 this morning. still a little faded.
wearing new pants, socks, shirt and boxer briefs from Gap outlet. I look like a boy but feel pretty as a daisy! should go walk Pickles.
coffee is almost working.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6 advil and counting

what a great party and i don't think i was the only one who had fun. thank goodness i am not expected to work today. wonder about all of our gifties. should probably go fetch them from the hope and olive. first time six grownups stayed over in the Bricker. I will not let this absinthe and murphy's headache get the best of me. it's a lovely lovely day. house guests are dissipating. i like lying on the couch with macbook.

Monday, September 22, 2008

funny funny funny

everything is nice--the house is hella full. i went to get donuts from adams this morning and would like to get my hair doesn't look that great. blah blah blah.
it seems like all the house guests are happy here...there's drama as usual in the lesbian quarter but that's life. tonight should be fun..i received a call last night from evelyn asking when guests were going to arrive. i guess she thought 5 pm but maggie knew it was 7. i love that goof=iness. i feel goofy but on the outside i bet i come off as annoying. oh well.
DbR's brother is obsessively playing guitar hero which is funny. I'm glad we have something to occupy and amuse. CB and I spent an embarrassingly long time playing Singstar yesterday. hee hee hee.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

nice day day day

"Just back from yet another delightful brunch & a quick trip to the Bookmill, going to take my brother swimming in Green River now.

Beautiful, balmy day, quite perfect as last day's of summer go."
My husband wrote this today and he hit it right. My friends are here, DbR's bro is here, it's a nice day, we're relaxing, there is no real pressure and it is good. Time needs to slow down, though.


sitting here on my computer, david is on his computer, planning a brunch situation with extended people. reminds me of a time in my life i would go out to the black dog with (too) many people for a meal and the chaos would always cause a certain level of anxiety for me-- and i wasn't even the waitron! haw.

it should be hella nice, though. baby viewing is nigh. my shoulder hurts and the coffee is fresh. my weekend is too fast. bleh

Thursday, September 18, 2008

shoulder hurts

What if I die before.....
Everything seems so tentative and brutal.
Feeling disoriented and sore.
Every time I think about being dysfunctional,
I stop myself with a little pep-talk.
The yard is a mess, the house isn't unpacked.
The office isn't packed, the dogs need walking.
Even when I'm sitting and lying down,
I'm not relaxed.
There so much to do and it's never going to get done.

But it's okay. It really is.
I drink beer and/or vodka everyday
but my tolerance is so low-and waning by the moment.

I don't sing as well as I would like.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


the usual bitsy road blocks keep coming up as i approach the ecstatic point of publishing a zine where i'm ready to collate and in the case of Pawl Bitt, cut down to size...SH! almost done

Sunday, September 14, 2008

full moon, weird air

DbR and I just walked dogs and it was a heavy, humid time. "I can't believe it's not raining!" He commented and I understood-it felt like it should've been.
There were little bugs flying around my head while walking which I absolutely abhore but besides that, the weather didn't bother me, in fact, I found it interesting and novel. I wouldn't want my atmosphere to be like that all the time but once in a while, maybe-
After the walk DbR took to his bed. The weather had ruined him.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Day After

It's not so bad, September 13, except that I have to wait a whole nother year for my birthday to come around again. I would have liked more sun at the beach (there was none) and less driving in traffic but the company I kept was top drawer (best friend and husband), the food was good (sushi ym ym), and photo opportunities abounded.
here is a sample:

THis is what 42 looks like

Thursday, September 11, 2008


my husband knew which comic books to get me, which Le Creuset to get me for my birthday. It's nice. I thought I asked for a metal bulkhead for my birthday. Somehow he seems to know that is not what I really want.

"Can I bring this to the beach and get it all sandy or are we worried about resale value?"

I love my birthday.


one more workday before my birthday weekend. i love my birthday, even when i'm alone, even when i don't have any plans...i always make plans for myself and create a good memory, at the very least, while enjoying the moment to moment. this year i have someone who, within his job description as husband, will have to spend my bday with me-he even took the day off. we're supposed to go visit the same beach i spent the day at (alone) when i turned 40. that was a good day--it somewhat deteriorated after leaving the beach but that was the night-it was a great day.

tomorrow will be great too. Roma is tagging along and i'm looking forward to swimming. just got to get through today-shouldn't be too bad. the morning has been top-drawer so far.

listening to Pablo Cruise's "Love will find a way" on youtube

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

just being slow

A month or so ago DbR came home one night from some time away from the house and there was a big puddle on my laptop. The laptop had been in a seemingly safe place-on the dining room table, in the middle of the room. I looked around and saw that the dining room chairs were scattered about in such a way to provide access for the dogs to jump up-on top of the table and computer and if they really were the bad dogs I suspect they are, one (or both, I guess) could have peed on my computer. My suspicions were immediate and terrible.

It wasn't dog pee. Somehow some driving wind had accessed the side windows above the dining room and seeped through the ceiling tiles down onto....right onto my laptop. why? why there? there was no other rain damage in the entire room. just my pc laptop.

well, the laptop was kaputt. it smelled funny and wouldn't turn on ever again and although I have another, big, desktop computer which I often use upstairs, I still missed having a computer with me when I slog around in front of the tv, downstairs, in the husband's room, etc. I decided to buy a new one. When I told DbR of my decision, he stated that he had already planned on getting me a refurbished mac for my birthday which is approaching.

I got the lappy today and am using it presently and it's nice, really clean, etc. My first present has arrived! thanks.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Battle of the Lazy Dogs

Is it Pickles, the lagabout?
Or is it Peretz, the sleeparound?

Let's let the only one able to really decide, decide.
Harriet: Who Is The King Of Snooze City?

Who do you think she'll crown?

oh, kitty!

crafts and such

So, I started working on my new zine a week or more ago and I'm really enjoying the pace. I have until Sept 22 when I want them to be perfect and at this point I'm just perfecting. I have everything mostly in place, now I can just fuzt. It's nice.

Meanwhile, my friend Nancy suggested I put my zines in Etsy, which is also nice, that someone would encourage me to do that...I have my reservations, who wants to order a silly little per-zine from some stranger in Greenfield, MA? But, really, the bottom line is who cares if they sell? It's just kind of fun and nice to be in Etsy.

DbR and I went to the craft fair in northampton last night which was really great..there is so much there to want to purchase and look at...after realizing that the only jewelry there that I really wanted was over $100 I started to look at things which were more like $10 and that stuff was usually funny creatures people made. DbR bought us something like this. Super cute. There were $44 stuffed creatures, which of course I would love to possess. I can't get over the price, however. I have to spend that much on a bottle of absinthe for the upcoming festivities! I can't spend it on fluff at this juncture! David really loved a guy like this, with a long funny beard. hella cute.

meanwhile, thursday night, after going to the Franklin County Fair and riding the "Freak out!" I came home and found myself sleepwalking. First time ever. I wasn't looking for food either...weirdness

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

That Lucky Old Sun

yay! received mine today-will go listen! if i can open this packaging.
go, Brian!