Saturday, September 06, 2008

crafts and such

So, I started working on my new zine a week or more ago and I'm really enjoying the pace. I have until Sept 22 when I want them to be perfect and at this point I'm just perfecting. I have everything mostly in place, now I can just fuzt. It's nice.

Meanwhile, my friend Nancy suggested I put my zines in Etsy, which is also nice, that someone would encourage me to do that...I have my reservations, who wants to order a silly little per-zine from some stranger in Greenfield, MA? But, really, the bottom line is who cares if they sell? It's just kind of fun and nice to be in Etsy.

DbR and I went to the craft fair in northampton last night which was really great..there is so much there to want to purchase and look at...after realizing that the only jewelry there that I really wanted was over $100 I started to look at things which were more like $10 and that stuff was usually funny creatures people made. DbR bought us something like this. Super cute. There were $44 stuffed creatures, which of course I would love to possess. I can't get over the price, however. I have to spend that much on a bottle of absinthe for the upcoming festivities! I can't spend it on fluff at this juncture! David really loved a guy like this, with a long funny beard. hella cute.

meanwhile, thursday night, after going to the Franklin County Fair and riding the "Freak out!" I came home and found myself sleepwalking. First time ever. I wasn't looking for food either...weirdness

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marisa said...

yeah i equally loved the stuffed creatures so much! but couldn't justify spending that much on something like that for myself. i tried really hard to justify it but it didn't work. but they definitely were admired!!