Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ooooh, she knows me

I just noticed that Sarah Riley, yes, the Sarah Riley has a link to my humble, blog on her blog page!
Yesterday i was thinking of many things I wanted to write about on my blog but was more interested in picking up a book and reading it that I overlooked the urge. But now I am inspired because that hella chick reinforced my existence.

Yesterday I realized that all my blogs on myspace are disappeared forever because I deleted my myspace profile without even thinking of the blogs associated with that site. Some of them were written well. Ah, they are gone.

I have three ideas for my next zine and I slowly lumber in their direction. One theme is of Crushes and the quickness or origin of the emotion. I wrote out/planned the 16 pages and roughly wrote it out. The copy is drab and listless but I think once I start drawing the scenes, the wording will be quickly and effectively edited to be more worthy of a piece of art. The second idea is a series of reviews of a double handful of shows I've seen around the area. I know, writing about music is like petting a whirring engine but some people may be interested. I am less inclined to consider that art, though. Interesting. The third idea is my confused feelings regarding the war in Afghanistan/Pakistan. I wanted to write about Obama's nobel piece prize speech and how it made me feel (I guess I have to check it out from start to finish-I've only heard bits), I could write about how even though I hate the Taliban (riling against the taliban and its antiwomen philosophy could def take up many pages) I don't trust the united states military. I remember just after 911 I recalled many news reports leading up to that time period telling of the betrodden and bedeviled women of the taliban governments and I have wanted to kick the taliban's ass for a long time. I would research and write about the drones and how they may kill some taliban men but at what cost? what non-istan assholes get the drop on them because they happen to be in the line of fire.I don't know how close I would get to art with that one.

I want to mention there is a large murder of crows in my neighborhood. It is killing cold outside and for some reason they have decided to batten down in the double trees over in the next yard. Before sunset they were scattering, flying overhead, landing in assorted trees and on houses but then as the sun went down and it became colder, they assembled in those trees. I took Pickles out for a short cold walk and we went by the trees and in the moonlight I could see the large dark clumps of them among the wide branches and we both heard them whirr and berate. Just now, I heard a number of them start to crow and sing. They have returned to quiet now.

After the busy-ness the last two weeks I don't want to do anything really. maybe start a jigsaw puzzle, maybe read Washington, D.C. by Gore Vidal. In Hollywood, he featured his maternal grandfather, the blind senator from Oklahoma, Thomas Gore, which I find amusing.