Tuesday, September 09, 2008

just being slow

A month or so ago DbR came home one night from some time away from the house and there was a big puddle on my laptop. The laptop had been in a seemingly safe place-on the dining room table, in the middle of the room. I looked around and saw that the dining room chairs were scattered about in such a way to provide access for the dogs to jump up-on top of the table and computer and if they really were the bad dogs I suspect they are, one (or both, I guess) could have peed on my computer. My suspicions were immediate and terrible.

It wasn't dog pee. Somehow some driving wind had accessed the side windows above the dining room and seeped through the ceiling tiles down onto....right onto my laptop. why? why there? there was no other rain damage in the entire room. just my pc laptop.

well, the laptop was kaputt. it smelled funny and wouldn't turn on ever again and although I have another, big, desktop computer which I often use upstairs, I still missed having a computer with me when I slog around in front of the tv, downstairs, in the husband's room, etc. I decided to buy a new one. When I told DbR of my decision, he stated that he had already planned on getting me a refurbished mac for my birthday which is approaching.

I got the lappy today and am using it presently and it's nice, really clean, etc. My first present has arrived! thanks.

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