Thursday, September 11, 2008


one more workday before my birthday weekend. i love my birthday, even when i'm alone, even when i don't have any plans...i always make plans for myself and create a good memory, at the very least, while enjoying the moment to moment. this year i have someone who, within his job description as husband, will have to spend my bday with me-he even took the day off. we're supposed to go visit the same beach i spent the day at (alone) when i turned 40. that was a good day--it somewhat deteriorated after leaving the beach but that was the night-it was a great day.

tomorrow will be great too. Roma is tagging along and i'm looking forward to swimming. just got to get through today-shouldn't be too bad. the morning has been top-drawer so far.

listening to Pablo Cruise's "Love will find a way" on youtube

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