Monday, September 22, 2008

funny funny funny

everything is nice--the house is hella full. i went to get donuts from adams this morning and would like to get my hair doesn't look that great. blah blah blah.
it seems like all the house guests are happy here...there's drama as usual in the lesbian quarter but that's life. tonight should be fun..i received a call last night from evelyn asking when guests were going to arrive. i guess she thought 5 pm but maggie knew it was 7. i love that goof=iness. i feel goofy but on the outside i bet i come off as annoying. oh well.
DbR's brother is obsessively playing guitar hero which is funny. I'm glad we have something to occupy and amuse. CB and I spent an embarrassingly long time playing Singstar yesterday. hee hee hee.

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