Saturday, April 19, 2008

saturday nights awright

last night i got a text on my phone and it didn't say who it was and the number isn't in my log and i can't help but wonder, "who?"
it's Saturday. DbR is showering and i am using his lappy. i haven't been on a computer since i was at work yesterday. when i got home afterwards DbR showed up with a nice table and chairs and set them up in the yard, over by the property line/bulkhead. "who is going to sit there with you?" I asked. He was befuddled as to my refusal. "You may as well ask the neighbors over to have a cup of coffee and smoke with you." He shook his head at me. "Space waster" During the 15 minutes it took me to clear off my back porch, sweep and mop the thing and have him bringing the set up on the porch I tried to explain to him how that space was not wasted, it worked perfectly and necessarily well as my buffer. That is the space I need between me and my neighbor's driveway, etc. He didn't seem to understand the McNamara way. Put a fence up!

This morning the neighbor with 2 pit bulls and a puppy had his brown puppy, cocoa, out in the yard. Cocoa ran over to Rosy, the neighbor dog while Peretz and Pickles strained at the end of their lines to be part of the action. They weren't, except as the chorus: "ruff! ruff! woof! woof!" etc.

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