Saturday, August 16, 2008

around the bricker

I was going to spend the day reading five books but I realized vacuuming, mopping, etc. must be done. So I do.

Pickles reminds me to look around at the plants, etc. around the Bricker and take a moment to enjoy.

I have been obsessed in my own little way about growing sensitive plants. Last year I planted an entire envelope of seeds and only was able to glean one plant which I fell in love with and took with me to Cape Cod when I went there for a week in September. It was nice to have the plant with me on vacation. I think the plant was so heartsick at leaving the seashore, it died of a heartbreak soon after coming back to Greenfield.
I found another envelope of seeds and have been growing them from soon after meeting David. I have two plants growing in a trough on the front porch, this one in the bathroom, the one above on the back porch...and I think that's all.

As ever, the gorgeous blooming of those morning glories continue.

This plant has been growing since last Spring, actually. I planted the seeds at the same time I planted the seeds of my money plant and the money plant is a biennial and has flowers/money growing on it now. So this plant grew all last summer, winter and until now. Where are the flowers? I can't remember the name of this plant but part of the name is a word that also means a certain purply-color and it is also the name of a jazz song by some famous black jazz player. Can you help me remember what it is? Maybe I'll look up "purple" in the thesaurus on dictionary .com and I'll get back to you..

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