Tuesday, August 05, 2008

three nights and counting

I can't get over how lovely these morning glories are with their stripey-stripedness. There are three this morning, each one bluer or whiter or just gorgeously different from the other. I'm happy about that. The zinnias are coming too, some have opened and some just look like they're getting ready and yay! summer flowers.

Meanwhile, the title of this blog refers to the absence of batty visitors. Since Saturday, when DbR put the fire alarm thing on the fire alarm holder in the ceiling of the third floor we've been bat free! Could they really have been coming down from that opening in the fire alarm mounting hardware? How bizarre. But not really as I have always look askance at that dark shadowy area. And now my life will be alarmed if there is a fire. oh joy.

My car is troubled and luckily there is someone here to help me find help for it. I feel overwhelmed with things I need to pay for, however, at this time. I don't really want to pay for a car mechanic. groan.

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