Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tried to, tried to, triiiiiiiiiiied.

So, I just tried to order some postcards to stick in with the invites to some party and all I want is some 4x6, printed full color on one side card stocky things and i had the biggest morass of ill on the for their prices, i am willing to wiggle, i guess.

meanwhile, i am catching up on some people's blogs i haven't read in a while. i guess i could play faux scrabulous on the facebook, but i feel too lazy.

there's thunder right outside. i am on the third floor (my laptop got drizzled on in the dining room-remember that weather ghost?) so it's all about the office 'puter. with the window open behind me and humid weather lower than 78, i'm aright. smells like skunk, though. why?
thunder, thunder

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