Wednesday, August 13, 2008

blah blah blogger

No plans made with the kid ever go smoothly, I'm finding. He asked me to come to his gig on Saturday, I made plans to do so and now I'm told the gig is Friday. I make arrangements for him to come to the transperformance at Look Park. Now he's telling me he would rather spend the last week of summer with his girlfriend. I bought some tickets to the Radiohead show but in my effort to get good seats (not lawn seats) I bought two tickets which are not together. He seems grumpy about that. I guess he's not quite old enough to know, it's all about the music, not the person next to you. Well, I guess at many concerts it is about the person next to you, but Radiohead? Not this time. Sigh. Nothing seems right sometimes. Watch, my car will break down enroute.

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