Monday, August 11, 2008

Silly dogs! Weights are for...

I went to a potluck where the foodies go to eat and it was pretty great. Two kinds of chicken, very good to me.

When we came home the dogs were glad and DbR asked, "What does Pickles have?(in his mouth)" and sure enough, Pickles was doing the four point parade and he did have something he was showing off but I didn't remember him having anything new and exciting to show (which is usually the case for such a display). He did pick up a bright red ball outside on the train tracks or wherever while we walked but I made him leave it outside. He couldn't have that.
He had the two pound pink weight that I keep around for no reason! He held the weight like you would expect and carried it around. It reminded me of a story Aaron once related-I think it was Aaron-about some people who made a weighted down vest for their dog so s/he wouldn't jump on visitors. I always loved that idea for Pickles.
But if he chooses weights for his own toys?! There's no hope for weight training that dog!

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