Saturday, August 02, 2008

cleaning and to-do list

There was a bat last night. The funny part is that what I feared would happen, happened. I was walking down the narrow winding stairway from my bedroom on the 3rd floor to the bathroom on the 2nd floor and a bat came up into the stairway with me and feinted and darted at me. I yelped and covered my head and busted my way to the remove the thing from my scalp. Of course it wasn't there, it was over by the same hallway window the bats all congregate upon. All this commotion was not enough to wake/rouse my husband so I went and asked him if he would get up and help me deal with it. After muttering, "I was asleep." he rose but we didn't really do any dealing. We just closed the poor thing up between the window and the screen to die and put Pickles away so the barking would cease. I guess I could have just done that myself, but making the life and death decisions regarding other mammals seems to call for another's weigh in, I think. Anyway, I felt better about it than if I had just shut the thing up and told about it after the fact.

This morning. Bat is not dead but will not allow DbR to smush it into a container to take outside. It has burrowed into a corner of the screen in such a way that we find it impossible to release. oh, boy. I guess I should have sucked it up in the first place last night and poured the thing into the dogs' drinking bowl and carried it outside. Argh. I hate wrestling with wildlife and I hate guilty regrets.

In other news, a dead mouse is outside near the back porch and I should pluck my eyebrows.

Yay! Summer!

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