Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So what happened with the bats?

So...today is Tuesday. ON Sunday DbR said he saw a bat in his room but even though the dogs chased it it was able to hide behind the big shelves. Lets call this bat Mr.S, for Shelf. So on Monday after going to a nice bday party at a neighbor's we come home and get a bowl and the Grease soundtrack album and try to catch Mr.S. He stays behind the shelves even though DbR pokes at him. I say lets give up, he's bound to come out. Reluctantly DbR stops poking.

Later I go upstairs to bed leaving DbR and dogs and presumably, Mr.S. I sleep, awakening around 2 or so to loud Pickles barking. I stay in bed hoping he stops or is stopped. Neither happens. I go downstairs and DbR's bedroom door is open and I thought that Mr.S escaped downstairs where he is now being chased. Peretz runs downstairs when he hears me in the hall-I guess he was letting Pickles do the heavy lifting-and both dogs-cacophony-bark bark bark. oy. I realize there is no end in sight and I peek down toward the living room and I see/hear dogs running around in the dark room and I occasionally see bat darting about as well. Times goes tiringly on and on! and I come to grips with the fact that I am going to have to separate Pickles from his prey because he is never going to catch it and it's just too loud. But I lag with reluctance to enter the fray. Time moves. Finally...

Enter it I do, with a towel on my head and as I go into the kitchen to grab dog I feel the thing fly into me but I ignore the sensation and chase Pickles. Mr.S goes upstairs. Pickles follows. I do too. We continue up into my 3rd floor hallway. I had closed my bedroom door to keep it bat free and I open it up a little to put a bowl of water in there because I realize when I finally catch my dog and we are stuck in my room he is going to be totally out of breath and thirsty. As I start to open my door to do so I look up from under my shroud and see the bat go for it-diving into my room. I shut my door hurriedly. The bat hits the door, falls to the floor. Pickles grabs Mr. S in his mouth and dashes downstairs to landing outside bathroom. By the time I get the thing off my head I see the corpse lying on the floor at the bottom of my 3rd floor stairway and Pickles lying next to it, proudly having a heartattack.

I accept that bat situation is dispensed with and leaving dog and water bowl in the hall, leaving bedroom doors open and breezy, as is my wont, I go to bed. Soon I awake to barking-again, yes. I go down to the first floor after putting the dead bat in a plastic bag on my way by and I don't see a bat (I may not have looked terribly closely into the dark living room) but I see dog chasing something and barking and standing still. I grab him, drag him upstairs and put him in DbR's room (who has slept through this entire scenario, presumably-he says he didn't get much sleep but he never did rise-), close the door and go to bed. An hour and a half later I am awakened by Pickles' very obvious bark. I hear it outside my window. It's a little after 4. What is Pickles doing outside? What a nightmare! I hear Peretz bark. I hear DbR express dismay. I realize I am hearing them out their window into mine. I feel delirious. I call DbR from my bed as I didn't want to again enter a batuation.
"What's happening?"
"You left me in here with the dogs and a bat."
"Pickles and I killed a bat! I thought it was the same bat and the coast was clear."
"Well, there is a bat in here."
"Are you okay?"
"Just annoyed you would lock the dogs in here with me and the bat."

I hang up at this with nothing to add. I go downstairs to his room and open the door. I somehow turn on the light after seeing bat and dogs moving around the room. I turn on the light even though there is a little grey morning break but its not enough to see and catch Pickles (the very loud one) by. I grab him while trying to avoid bat-ness and DbR's disapproving glance and pull dog to stairway. I think I heard DbR ask, "Aren't you going to help?" and I answer, "What do you want me to do?" Basically at this point I want to remove chaos and thunder from his room and I bring dog up to my room and close the door. I fall asleep fitfully listening to the dog pant.

Morning. I am blessed with a lovely husband who climbs the stairs to my room with a cup of coffee-oh shit, I don't have any 1/2 1/2 for tomorrow~!-and the report that the bat last night has again gone underground-or rather, presumably behind the shelving. I believe now that this must still be Mr.S. I express dismay and point out that on his clean shirt, donned that morning after his shower, there was some yukky junk that must have gotten on him during the dog walk he had just taken with Peretz. He went downstairs and soon called up to me, "The bat is dead, dogs evicerated it when it flew out from next to my laundry hamper!"
"Ok, good!" I called back. He took the two corpses outside to the garbage and we both had a grumpy day. We're better now-I want to buy lots of art/jewelry etc on etsy.com. No bats seen so far (fingers crushingly crossed).

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