Friday, May 12, 2006

cranberry and vodka

so, besides a man i have had a crush on since before my exboyfriend, i found a virtual stranger to admire and harass. it hasn't worked successfully, though.
Last night i discovered how wonderful cranberry and vodka tasted and felt. at karaoke i sang...shucks, i don't remember. well, with my friend roma i sang, "is she really going out with him?" which was fun and then i soloed at the end of the night with.....huh. i don't remember. i didn't black out though, i remember being up there singing...i just asked a coupla my friends who were there what i sang and none of them can remember either. huh. the vodka and cranberrys sure were tasty.

Hey! I remember now! It don't come easy by Ringo! duh.
it was kick-ass too.
Love, Me

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