Thursday, July 13, 2006

another dream

last sunday i finished my zine, #10, and i was pretty psyched. on monday some friends came over who needed help with the poster for the harvest supper here in g'field so we did that and then they left. They also left behind the remains of a 6 pack of very nice beer, the kind of microbrew ale i go apeshit over. i drank four beers monday night while writing notes to people and addressing the zine envelopes. i wonder what my notes read. anyway, tuesday morning i got up and stumbled down my attic bedroom stairs and landed on my right little toe, fucking it up pretty good and so i have been staggering/limping all week. good times.
did you get my zine yet? what did my note say? did it profess undying love for you? sorry about that. i do remember writing a beer-ridden email to my friend Chris telling him his nerdy-html talk was a turn on. i'm not really that sorry about that.
i think the zine turned out wicked great. it comes with free stickers!
this morning i woke up from another dream about Mr. x1 1/2. it was another very pleasant, very friendly sweet dream but i wish i remembered more of it so i can relive it over and over.

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