Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i love a donut

i'm not married. never have been.
the man i work with (we share a 6 ft X 10 ft office, our desks perpendicular to each other, my back is to him but i hear every whistle, every mutter) is almost 70 years old. he has been married for some 40 years, maybe even 45 years. i am amazed by that. i guess it gives me hope but not really because i am a different generation. in fact, i am my own generation. i share my generation with no other human. the baby boomer generation ended, i was born and then the X generation began a minute later, leaving me quite alone, my own generation. That's why i cannot find a mate...everyone is in a different generation and my potential lifemates start out thinking, "huh, she's pretty interesting...and a freak in the sack to boot...whoa, these cookies are amazing! She's so great." but then our generations rear their incapatible heads and i lose.

well, this man found someone in his generation who loves and puts up with him and he is a lucky man. I just overheard him on the phone say to someone who he is supposed to meet tomorrow morning: "I'll try to get there by 10 but sometimes my wife doesn't let me leave the house.......it's not what you think. When I am about to leave she gives me a honey, do list."

i wish i had someone who i could trade honeydew lists with.

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debl said...

I'm pretty sure you are firmly in Generation X, if the Douglas Coupland book is your guideline. I'm at the very tail end of it.