Monday, July 10, 2006


ok, so there is this guy, mr. x1 1/2 who i have loved secretly for many years. you know this. so, yesterday i went swimming with a friend and then came home to work on my zine and have a vodka tonic, it was all very nice. so, about fifteen minutes after the drink i rise from the computer and float downstairs to the tv room where it is more shady and cool and my dog is there and i just sort of decide to nap.

so i lay down and quickly fall asleep in the lovely july five oclock air with Pickles hanging out nearby which was nice for companionship but just far enough away not to heat me up with his dog radiation. i wake up drooling pretty good two hours later after having the nicest dream about mr. x1 1/2. He and I were hanging out and using a digital camera together which in reality i really need a new one so that is why that was a prominent key in the dream. He and I were laughing and smiling and really connecting in the dream in the most lovely way. i had a great time. i wish i could live in that dream forever.

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