Wednesday, August 30, 2006

let's save september for when i'm happy~

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i didn't even realize it but monday marked my 4 year anniversary of buying and living in my bricker. i love it, it is a very beautiful house. i just wish i had the money to really make it the gorgeous showboat it deserves to be. i wish some very cool roommate who loves my dog would appear and make it all happen (by paying rent the roommate loosens up some of my cash which would go into the house, duh).

today at work i had a happy moment when i peeped into my boss' office and saw her on the phone holding a toostie roll lollypop. that is the kind of boss i want and it is what i got-yay for me.

working on The Observation Deck #11 right now...Zoology is coming. uh, oh, someone in the office is trying to talk to me...

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