Saturday, June 30, 2007

When I was young..

I never broke a bone. I burned my toe on a hot coal, I squirted hydrochloride acid into my eye but never had a cast. Last year I fell down my bedroom stairs and sprained/broke a toe pretty bad. Those stairs got me again. Last Tuesday I lost it on the bottom 3 and found myself with feet flapped back and knees scraped. I though, ow, and wanted to tear up but the tears didn't start until after I was fully dressed and ready to go to work and I realized I couldn't walk out to my car. A day later, after hearing, "Did you go to the doctor?" enough, I finally did and found out that I fractured my...tibia? They sent me along to an orthopedic doctor who did another xray and showed me the break. ow. it gave me the willies just looking at it.

The doctor told me to put no weight onto the ankle and it would take 12-twelve-weeks to heal. That is an outside guessitmate, right? There is no way I could be feeling like this until September way.

I'm just sitting around drinking too much and having a little retail therapy in the bobblehead section of ebay. I need more female bobbleheads. There used to be some Hillary Clinton bobbleheads but not no more, rats.

And I thought I was isolated before.

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