Sunday, December 23, 2007

Once a year, whether I need it or not

I look at that picture of the sea otter and wish I was him/her, swimming around with a nice fur on. I should go walk the dog. I should go clean the offices but instead I am here fishing around on the computer looking at crap and feeling melancholy.

It's funny that this blog is the one I turn to to kvetch and feel sorry for myself in. Fucking hilarious, in fact. I did write a blog a day in November on another blog venue on the internet. It was cool.

So this is xmas. I have gotten some nice things: a big bottle of vodka, a nice bottle of wine, some pretty plates and yummy moisturizer that I would never buy for myself. I even got a booty call last night! whoo hoo. I didn't actually take the offer seriously, of course. What if I did, though? What if I drove to Northampton at 4 in the morning and made out with this guy-what would it get me? He already has a girlfriend, did I mention that? AND!

and nothing. eh, I will just climb up into a tree and find a little hidey-hole until it's time to walk the dog again. No matter how much I booze it up I can't assuage. There has been no assuaging whatsoever. (insert self-pitying groan here--replace with giggle of absurdity=welcome to my world)

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