Monday, December 31, 2007

overdrawn and still happy

Look at that snow. It's so heavy and so deep. I will attempt the shovelling soon. I need to get to work but first, a pathway out the door is necessary.

Meanwhile, didn't sleep too well last night. Ended up driving in incredibly poor conditions, but I had the ball and so I ran with it. I kept imagining swerving off the highway and landing so deep in the side woods I was never found again until Spring. I had packed some old pizza for the trip to woods hole yesterday so I wouldve survived for a week or two. I didn't swerve off the road but I did see many plows languishing along the roads not plowing when I finally got off 91 in Greenfield. It was around 4 am. Why weren't they plowing? Were they all jerking off or smoking cigarettes?

The dog wants to go for a walk but little does he know I am preoccupied with householding chores.

ooh, chicken soup and dancing movies from the 1930's for new years eve. worth leaving home for-

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