Friday, January 11, 2008

Grand Jury Doodie

Come on down to the Franklin County Courthouse, we'll have a grand ol' time.

I found myself involved in a 3 month stint of Grand Jury Duty of which I can speak none, as it is (speaking in whisper) top secret! It was interesting though, and I am now an upstanding citizen of my berg.

conversation overheard in the ladies room:
First lady: "I thought they were going to go this courthouse over." at no answer, continues, "Remember, a couple of years ago, they made a big deal about it?"
Second lady: "Yeah, I read another article in the paper last week. They were going to get some money from the state, as if that is ever going to happen!"
First lady: "It's better than the one in Orange. But it's still..creepy."
Second lady: "It was built in 1954. It's as old as me."

After I heard this I wrote a poem on a postcard. Maybe some day I will share it with you but suffice it to recount that I profess love for older things instead of bright motherfucking new things.

That's all.

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