Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Friday

Boy, what a week. Happily do not have grand jury duty today and super-happily, woke up to the sound of a neighbor snowplowing my sidewalk! hurraY! If only I can get off my ass and away from the computer to go shower and get to work. I really hope I can get a whole lot done at work today. This is me hoping for super extra industriousness today.

My schedule and hopes for this weekend changed 17 times over the past 48 hours. At this point it looks somewhat relaxing. I look forward to quiet times and raucous laughs with my new friend and stalwart companion DbR. Last night he almost decimated me at scrabble but Pickles was outraged at my sluggish vocabulary and exploded the board while pretending to chase after Harriet. (good dog) heh heh. There is an unfortunate residual effect to his devotion, however--an "L" is missing. DbR was very upset at this turn of events (he was beating me by a good 100 point margin and was about to scrabble) and fell into a major depression afterwards. I had to rub his back and assure him of his masterful gaming domain. He rebounded, seemingly.

Tonight bodes exciting and interesting at the very least and tomorrow it's dog on dog. I anticipate the meeting nervously.

In other news, my nose is running.

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