Monday, January 21, 2008

No one's ever satisfied

Last night I excitedly went to a local venue to be a local celebrity judge at a battle of the bands concert and really went to work on making sure my scores were fair and truthful, as well as I could.

I guess I wasn't so great because the guy who arranged the thing who "hired" me to be a judge is a little mad at me, I guess for my scoring. I feel bad but I know in my heart that I did the best I could, using the tools available to me. I scored each song numerically as they were played and averaged the scores to come up with the end result. My math is shown on the worksheets we handed in.

Maybe I was too tough on a band the guy who is mad at me really likes? Waah. I really like the arranger-guy and I don't want him to dislike me. I want to have his respect and admiration. This will blow over, I'm sure. I hate feeling the aggro, though.

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