Saturday, February 23, 2008

Never have enough

Sitting with our respective lappys in a clean and well-appointed albeit slightly sterile hotel room in rhinebeck, ny, I prod my travel partner for a blog post. I immediately regret my request when he reacts somewhat defensively. I think I just haven't drank enough booze. ha.

I'm superglad DbR agrees with me that a more used, more "seasoned" inn room would be more desireable than this one. This has all the amenaties and is perfectly clean, etc. but has very little personality. The most personality I can glean is the collection of 8-9 paperbacks in a cornershelf. I don't regret being here with my love, but it's not a room I would go crazy over and want to repeat visit.

Meanwhile, Beekman Arms, the tavern where Henry and Nancy, David and I ate dinner, was very lovely and felt great to visit. The beams and ceilings are very low and I imagine George Washington and Alexander Hamilton stooping down to pass under them many years ago as DbR had to tonight. We all ate meat and drank beers, cabernet and the birthday boy drank a fancy scotch. "Happy Birthday" was sang and we watched Nancy eat her strawberry shortcake.

We ponder our later moves in the chessgame of the Birthday Weekend as we type on our lappys like the modern couple of lovers we are.

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NCavillones said...

Hey! I tried to share the shortcake but no one was biting. And let the record show that I only ate the strawberries and whipped cream, and not the actual shortcake. Anyway, yes, today was a very historical day and the Beekman Arms was a good capper. Thanks for letting us join you!

PS David needs to get better at celebrating birthdays! No moping!