Thursday, March 06, 2008

8 a.m. Waiting For Roofers

I'm considering a home equity loan and I can't stop thinking about all the things around the Bricker which need help and upkeep. Then, there is the whole wave of things I just want: screen doors, paintjobs, roof.

I also have a serious dutch door fantasy which involves reading on the back porch with my future roommate-to-be and I handing each other drinks and snacks over the open part from the kitchen while the dogs badger us about the meat we have sizzling on the bbq. He, on the other hand, lusts after a chain link fence which will keep dogs secure and active.

I also have serious plans for 2-3 more replacement windows and an insulation event. The basement needs a serious overhaul as well. My friend Karen lives in an apartment which has the most amazing basement. Every wall, every corner, is broom swept clean and painted white where it can be...meanwhile, fresh foil covered insulation hangs tidily over the seepy Greenfield stone walls. It's bright and super-lovely. I would like mine to look as nice. More lighting is needed. I should have an electrician come in and put an outlet in the upstairs hallway as well as a light fixture in the downstairs hallway and fix the bum light fixture on the ceiling of the baby room. That's never worked.

And oh, the bathroom.

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NCavillones said...

I totally empathize! I feel the same about my kitchen and my bathroom and living I guess that's my whole studio? I have serious apartment envy. We're taking the first step with the kitchen, then hopefully everything else will fall into place.

One step at a time! And I believe that home equity loans are tax-deductible? In NYS anyway!!