Monday, March 10, 2008

Dog on Dog Kind of Day

I've been walking the dog. Or should I say, "limping" the dog? I started small and now I am up to the usual lunchtime dog walk. Used to take me 15 minutes. I'll let you know when I get up to speed. Now it's about 1/2 hour, but I didn't time carefully.

Today is cold but sunny and at this time of day (5 pm), there is prevalent dog walking traffic. We saw a lady with a big grey terrier walking in front of us in the same direction. When she went into her house with Grey, Pickles wanted to join them. Then we saw a loose dog up the sidewalk, heading in our direction. I don't want to tangle so I crossed the street, never a sure move. The dog was white, longish hair with dalmatian dots and dashes. The dog's face was charming but I was in no condition to make nice as Pickles is unpredictable and with my achy, (also unpredictable) ankle I was cautious.

I made Pickles sit and we watched the dog approach casually down the sidewalk across the street. I glanced around and I saw another dog walker-actually a couple-also at a halt, on the same side of the street as loose whitey, watching his moves. The woman saw me and asked, "Do you know him?" I replied that I did not and we observed the dog stand around a little and walk a little and then a car pulled up and the whole family got out at the house near the dog and it became clear the dog belonged there, to them.

"Don't ask who left him out!" The mother exclaimed wryly. She looked familiar to me. I liked her immediately. Pickles and I continued on our way. When I glanced back at the other dogwalkers I saw that they were walking a monster bulldog. Cute. A couple houses up and there was a young guy walking his smallish doberman. We again avoided. My legs felt tired. Dog is looking out window now.

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