Saturday, March 01, 2008

March First

Man, I'm sure ready for Spring, ya'll.
Week's visit with the brother is wearing me thin. I hope I am not too annoying to others as a ripple effect, oh, boy.

Today I came to town with DbR and after dropping kid off at galpal's house immediately fell fast/dead asleep at his house. I interrupted some plans we had had for the day by snoozing right through the afternoon. He seemed nice enough to forgive/tolerate such rudeness. Oh, well, I guess I needed to shut down.

Felt guilty later because we had left our visitor up in Greenfield so I made elaborate plans to get him carted south to join us for dinner and a movie. He still seemed miserable and later asked to be dropped off in town at the bar.

I came home and made my apologies to the kid, came upstairs to catch up with myself and my secret internet life, ha ha.

Actually just going to continue with 1876, at long last.

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