Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hot and Hazy

I'm not worried about the same things as I was when I wrote the last post. Anyway! This weekend has been pretty intensely active. So hot. Friday night I tried to go to sleep early but didn't actually make it. Nonetheless, I was able to get my ass out of bed on Saturday before six thirty am and we walked the dogs and etc and were picking up Karen by seven thirty. DbR was a total champ and drove us to Gloucester to the extremely crowded and busy beach, Good harbor Beach. It was intense. There was traffic up the road for a quarter of a mile and we sat in it for more than a half hour and I was so stressed, worried we wouldn't get parking and would be turned away and have to come up with a plan B, which I shamefully did not have. It was still before 10:30 am and it was so wall to wall! There was people all over the beach and more and more people arrived after we did and it became interesting after 12 because the tide came up the beach and people all had to move up toward the dunes and we all got a little closer to each other. The beach is big and lovely and the waves were perfectly rolling and not scary to me but I guess Karen was a little nervous. There were big waves, caused by tropical storm Christobal which was churning around down by South Carolina, enjoyed by all the Massachusetts swimmers.

It was hot. At one point Karen and I were hanging comfortably up on the sand waiting for DbR to return from the snack shop. After twenty minutes we were uncomfortable and radiating heat and wondering, why doesn't he come back? It had become a bummer because we wanted to go cool off in the water but didn't want to leave him to find an empty blanket. He did come back soon, telling us that it took a while for the snack shop to achieve the lovely sweet potato fries. We ate and drank water and then rushed off to the water. He stayed out to digest but joined us soon after. The water was so lovely and bright and the bottom was sandy and clean and the waves, perfect toys.

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