Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I do have a heckling proclivity

And I was able to indulge tonight.
I hate crowds and yammering for a seat. Hate it. That's why I didn't mention earlier that I was going to go see John Hodgman perform at the Rendezvous in Turners Falls. I don't want to fight a crowd.

Before we went over to T.F., I sat out on our back porch with DbR after showering and changing into a favorite outfit: my current favorite shirt (man's white button down with collar and cool brownish markings), taylored brown patterned work pants and black doc martin sandals, while he smoked and the dogs avoided the rain. He made jokes and mocked Brian Wilson (lovingly, I'm sure) until I said, "Let's go" at 6:10 (Hodgman was to start at 8). DbR relented and we drove over and got our table in the front. He ordered nachos, I got chicken wings which we enjoyed with Lagunitas beer. We watched the place fill up with locals and then DbR told me, "John Hodgman is arrived" and I turned to look and sure enough, the local celeb walked in in shorts and sneakers and his cool glasses and nice hair and just made his way to the front where his chair and desk awaited. He didn't hide or act shy, just joined the crowd, helped do the soundcheck and schmoozed with Jamie, the owner, and it was nice. I saw an opening and went over to him, described myself from my fan emails, etc and asked him to sign his book for me. He said he was going to leave autographing to the end but would sign my The Alamo book which I had with me and had also hoped to get him to autograph. He did this thing where he crossed out the actual author on the title page and wrote in his own, which I found amusing. He then made an announcement to the effect that he would sign books at the end but would do this for me as a special favor so I gestured grandly with his book and sure enough, he signed the thing.

I took some photos of him with Edgar and Jackie and he called them up front to be on the desk with him which was kind of cool. He made the obvious joke that they were lovers which I approve of, of course.

Then he continued reading his material including a long thing about Molemen, the new, or old, hobos, and he asked a guy in the crowd to read questions about the Molemen (which he had prepared) to him and asked for a chair for the guy-as I was closest (and most obnoxious)-he asked for mine. I gladly gave it and kneeled until it hurt at which time DbR let me sit on his lap. That was nice too.

Later I gave JH a copy of my latest zine which he actually acted pleased to receive, which was also very nice. I liked the whole evening very much and am planning to go again next week. I love the PC guy.

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Glenn Johnson said...

I have never read about an event from the heckler's perspective before and I appreciate it. Next time I will know how to dress and to bring wobble heads.

If you would like to read my post about this very same event from the perspective of someone who does not care about baseball, please go to apathynation.wordpress.com.