Tuesday, July 08, 2008

sometimes I want to bust shit up

I have been grooming a crop of zinnias from seed since the last frost. I am really happy, excited and anxious about the little guys as they sunbathe and roast in my front patch.

Today I went to big Y to buy a bagel and out front were a bunch of planter with zinnias in full bloom. I could buy, for $6, a planter with 5-6 zinnia plants in full bloom. Of course I was tempted. I really love zinnias. But I didn't buy-I have some growing, in my yard, from seed!

When I came out of the store with my purchase there was some old lady-with a wig or bad fake blond hair- with 4 or 5 of the planters full of blooming zinnias in her arms, ready to buy and take away to enjoy. And for some reason, I really hated that lady. It's unreasonable, I know. I could buy those zinnias, if I wanted to-but something about her buying so many and walking away with the flowers really set me to seething.

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