Tuesday, October 14, 2008

not bad, not good

good ol' Four Leaf Clover. Pork coulda been more tender, though. I guess nothing compared to the pork I had yesterday. mmmm. The event was at a park in Northfield on the connecticut river and it was lovely, even with overcast skies and mosquitoes. I brought ginger cookies and oatmeal cookies and the H+O brought everything else, even the Holy Smokes catering bus. I ate rib after rib and felt guilty but there was enough for everyone, even with DbR and I interloping.-
Afterwards I went to the showing of M*A*S*H, the final movie of the all-Altman-all-the -time weekend at the Academy of Music. I only managed to go to see two out of the 10-something movies offered. It was interesting last night at M*A*S*H, a movie I have seen many times, because I got teary-eyed watching the beginning sequence of that lovely song playing over the helicopters carrying the wounded. I paid closer attention to the helicopters and the bloody actors playing soldiers strapped to the panniers of the 'copters and I was able to take in Altman's anti-war sentiment more acutely than ever, really feeling that the helicopters kept coming and coming and the song was so lovely sounding and sad. The bloody make up was done so well and gor-ily and the sight of the soldiers' hands hanging listlessly in the air as these casualties were toted along really brought the horror home. I felt it.

There is a quick scene toward the end of the beginning credits where one of the orderlies falls under a stretcher he is carrying and I was bewildered when I heard someone laugh in the audience. I realized that viewers of the tv show M*A*S*H have been programmed to be the laugh track and that was where many of my co-viewers last night were at. This show is a sitcom so it's funny; go ahead and laugh when someone falls down. But not me. I didn't laugh so much and that certainly did not diminish my enjoyment of the film. I did laugh once, during the football scene when the players crashed into 2 or 3 wheelchair-bound soldiers. Sure, it isn't funny really but I laughed.

coming up next: more Heroes, I hope

oh i just have to mention real quick and i hate to go off so i'll just say that i think it is total bullshit, these socialist ideas our lovely republican administration (present and hopeful) want to put in place to save their cronies' asses (and rich retirement plans). fuckers. where is their socialistic support when i'm buying my mutherfucking insulin every three weeks? AHHHHHHhhhhhHHH!

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