Saturday, November 15, 2008


where'd friday go? I forgot to blog. it was a nutty day. on thurs I found out that the guy who is Iron and Wine is playing in northampton tonight (saturday) and it was "sold out" except for those token 100 tix at the door. I was pretty bummed because I have been semi-obsessed with "Shepherd's Dog" since it came out last...Nove? Dec? and kind of really would like to see my favorite songs done live. Do I go down to Hamp at 5:30 and hang around to get a ticket? what a drag.

after work I wanted some husband time even though I had scheduled myself to go to an event in Hamp so he and I went out and saw a 7 pm showing of Quantum of Solace which was pretty great. Bond has a car race, a boat race and a plane race (navigating all the vehicles) it was good-there were some teen boys sitting behind us who had to keep checking in with each other about the plot. fucking losers. "who's Vesper?" idiots. and then when we were walking out some teen girl said to her friend, "the last one was so great, i don't know what the deal is"

right after i got home i jumped in my car and raced to hamp and saw winterpills who were great but too short a set and then while the other people who i didn't know played, etc. i had some pretty nice convos with peops i haven't seen in a while, which was a pretty nice catch up. i listened to JJ's rant regarding emails vs. phone calls which i appreciated and met up with Rosemary who is an old friend moving to Amherst. All i could talk about was the possibility of Sal's band playing Montague next week. I hope it happens (bites fingernails nervously).

its raining and crappy outside. i am about to leave for a yoga class at one and david just took Pickles out in the rain for a poo. i feel appreciative and guilty. i'll make it up to him with cake later!

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