Saturday, August 29, 2009

dogs in the rain

So, Sal's other Grandma died. I feel sad because my mom is dead. I liked Millie also, back when I used to hang out with her. She was funny and quirky and a pretty good cook. She sired some sensitive boys and they seem to have done the same. Now the only grandparent Sal has, besides step-types, is my dad. An amusing and annoying fact. I miss my mom, its strange how life goes on without people even though you may not want it to be all regular.

So last night there was a zine/printed works fair over at the Northampton town. Actually, I may have been the only one with "zines". There were people with gorgeous printed art work and one annoying lady with bad teeth who had a "literary quarterly". Whatev. It was kind of neat to see my work all laid out there. I didn't have every single issue of Who Is Johnny Cash? (there were 45 of them spanning from 1995-2000) But a fellow bought every issue I had with turned out to be 36. Then the same fellow (a collector of cool things, I guess) wanted one of all the others. I had all the issues of The Observation Deck with me and he bought the 15 of those (spanning from 02-07) and he wanted all 6 of this year's Pawl Bitt. His request was a little mindblowing and I was perfectly straight when he asked for one of each but I was so flabbergasted at the request that David had to help me put them together for the guy. We gave him a deal, 56 zines for $50.

On Wednesday I finished issue 6 of Pawl Bitt, specifically to have for the event, and I was so happy and excited that I put it up on Etsy with the other five issues and before I was able to push "refresh" so I could see all the issues lined up pretty I noticed that iss 6 was gone! Some nut had purchased it within the 3 minutes I was loading the thing. I had to relist it and then I noticed, 12 hours later, some wacky lady from Cedar Rapids bought the entire catalog of Pawl Bitt. So now I have to mail her the things and relist again! I actually never imagined selling the things on Etsy, truth be told, I only print the things to keep the US postal service in business, ha ha. So it has been a busy and exciting zine week. I took #6 to the H+O to hand out to the stars of the issue and I was amused to overhear Jim say to some employee who works there as he showed it to her, "guess who that person is?" "guess who that is?" I think I am going to do one more bug and restaurant issue to make it a set of three and then do a different type of theme. We'll see.

David bought a butcher block table for the kitchen and I am getting used to it slowly. We've been hanging around drinking coffee on it and it is beautiful. I can't wait to roll out some dough on it. It's almost cool enough to bake today.

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NCavillones said...

we got our copy of pawl bitt in the mail today. i love it. it gets better and better and i'm totally honored that we get free copies of it when people are PAYING for it! Go, you!
I also like your new butcher block table.