Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TV in italian

Today I was hungry as usual around 11 but I ignored it until 1230 when I talked myself into walking down Federal Street to Wendys. Once there, I somehow got talked into ordering (and then eating) a 10 piece spicy nugget set and two packs of the spicy dipping sauce. Soon after my stomach really hurt. Boo Hoo. I left work a wee bit early.

Last weekend I visited Martha's Vineyard to see Augie and Anthony do a show together. Once at the venue I started talking to my son, their younger brother, and while I was letting him do most the talking, I looked at the collar of his shirt (he was mostly venting anyhow). The shirt was a heavy plaid number with greens and blues of middle hues. The collar was in shreds because the shirt was so old. I remember Sal's father got it while he and I were a couple back in the 90's and I thought it was sweet and amusing when Sal began wearing the shirt and the thing was old then. Now it is very old and beat up. I can't remember who Charlie got the shirt from. I think it was a xmas gift from a family member. As I looked at it I thought Sal should get a new shirt but of course he has. He has lots of other shirts, I think. He just likes this one.

The next morning I was getting dressed and I noticed that I was putting on an old shirt that I own and cherish which years ago I borrowed from a friend back when I first moved to western mass and I've worn it very frequently since then and the cuffs are worn, the collar is beat up, although not as badly as Sal's shirt.

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