Tuesday, April 13, 2010


went to the doctor, feel better. sore throat was a combo of the common cold sore throat exasperated by allergy sore throat. took a tiny allergy pill, felt better
went to walmart which gave me a migraine. did buy 17 bottles of energy water and 8 quarts of oil for Ramon to keep as a stash in the trunk, feel better
went home and took advil, drank an energy water and crashed. feel better. drooled all over my pillow -why does allergy medicine make me do that?- feel better
david came home and made dinner, feel better
worked on issue 9 of Pawl Bitt, feel better
got encouraging and flattering remarks re: my verbal creativity, feel better
took dogs for walk before twilight, feel better
talked to brother, afterwards felt better. during the convo, i had a passing stomach ache and toward the end of the convo, another headache (not migraine) took another advil, feel better
watched LOST, feel better
brushed and flossed and swished around, feel better
drinking sleepy time tea, feel better
Kid's coming on Friday

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